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Updated by kaya-miraccan on Jul 10, 2019
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Best UX Tools in 2019

There are dozens of different UX tools being used in UX design, which can make a UX designer feel confused about choosing the most effective and trustworthy ones. So we made a categorized list of Best UX Tools 2019 that can give you exclusive clues and information on their functions and pricing.

UserGuiding – Code-free User Onboarding Software

UserGuiding is a non-technical and a friendly user onboarding tool that provides customers with creating and previewing interactive guides. Your team will save a large amount of engineering time while your marketing or product team can prepare product tours to show the core value of your business to your visitors!

You can also track the performance of your guides with in-depth step analytics. That means you are able to track the number and percentage of people proceeding to the later steps. Therefore you’ll know how to guide your customers to success.

Who Uses UserGuiding Software?
Product & marketing teams with limited development resources to boost product adoption.
SaaS product owners with complex panels for their users to create a product walkthrough.
Start-ups with limited time and resources to build an onboarding flow.
Enterprises to build employee onboarding processes.
UserGuiding Pricing Information
Currently, in 2019, UserGuiding has two subscription plans for start-ups and growing companies, starting from $99 per month. For more information, check the onboarding software pricing page.


Origami Studio – Built and Designed by Designers at Facebook

Origami Studio – Built and Designed by Designers at Facebook

With Facebook, Messenger and Instagram built-in Origami, it’s for sure one of the best design prototyping tools. You can design with layers, reuse components, build interactions and preview your prototype on your mobile device with Origami Live app.

Who uses Origami Studio software?
Mobile app designers who use Sketch. Protip: You can copy anything from Sketch and paste to Origami Studio.

Also, there is a big community on Facebook, you can ask any questions you have here: Origami Community.

Origami Studio Pricing Information
Origami Studio is free. So it’s one of the best free tools for mobile app design.


Webflow – Design, and Development, without Coding

Webflow – Design, and Development, without Coding

Webflow empowers designers to launch blogs, portfolio websites, landing pages, and even e-commerce stores with coding visually.

It has CMS, hosting, a university to teach you whatever you want to learn for free.

Who uses Webflow software?
UX designers for prototyping.
Freelancers & agencies for designing and launching client websites.
Marketing teams for running product websites & blogs, without much need for developers.
Business owners to design & launch store websites without much coding.
Webflow Pricing Information
Webflow has a forever free plan for individuals, with two projects and no white label.

Premium plans for this great prototyping tool starts from $42/month.


Marvelapp – The all-in-one Platform for UX/UI Design

While Intercom is the all-in-one platform for communication with your users, Marvel is the design version of it.

Marvel is commonly used as a prototyping tool but it goes beyond that with wireframing, automating design to the development process, collaboration with your team and lastly, user testing.

Who Uses Marvelapp Software?
Freelancers, agencies, product teams, enterprises… If you have something visual on the web, you can use Marvel to empower your design abilities.

Marvelapp Pricing Information
Marvel has a forever free plan for individuals to bring their ideas to life. Removing branding starts from $19/month. And if you are in a large organization, check out Enterprise pricing.

PS – Check the video below for the latest feature of Marvelapp. User testing lets you see how people use your design with their audio & video feedback. It’s very cool.

Whimsical – The visual workspace for team collaboration

Whimsical provides a unique way to collaborate on your ideas visually. You can create beautiful flowcharts and wireframes with speed and ease and focus on your idea, not design.

Whimsical comes with three main features: Flowcharts, wireframes and sticky notes. In addition to diagramming, it helps you to create simple yet expressive wireframes.

Who Uses Whimsical Software?
Product teams use Whimsical to create user & development flows. Similarly, UX designers for any desktop & mobile app use it for wireframing.

However, everybody likes sticky notes. You can create kanban boards, lean canvas or just keep notes of your meetings. Therefore, I can say that Whismical is for everyone.

Whimsical Pricing Information
With a free forever option, Whimsical is also one of the best free collaboration tools.

But for large teams or really busy people, it has pricing starting from $12/month.


Zeplin – Connented Space for Product Teams.

Zeplin – Connented Space for Product Teams.

Zeplin bridges the gap between designers and developers, helping the former provide the developers with all the elements they need to properly put together new apps and facilitating communications between the two over the course of the project.

It works as a plugin for Sketch and Photoshop CC, Figma and Adobe XD CC. You can easily import projects into Zeplin workspace, invite team members and ta-da 🎉

Who Uses Zeplin Software?
Product teams, web or mobile, should use Zeplin if they are not already using it. It is currently the best software to connect product designers and developers.

Zeplin Pricing Information
Zeplin Pricing has a forever-free plan for start-ups and individuals. Therefore it’s definitely one of the best free design collaboration tool for product teams at the moment.

Here is the Zeplin Pricing: Premium plans start from $19/month, and there’s also an enterprise plan that starts from $147/month.