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06 Things to Do in Chanthaburi - Explore Chantaburi

Living under the shadow of its neighbouring cities such as Pattaya, Chantaburi is a city that is sitting in the dark despite them having so much potential.


The Chantaboon area

The Chantaboon area is an extremely old town which is home to a waterfront community. The history relates stories of rich Chinese influence and rich heritage and culture. Many tourists have made it a habit to come to the Chantaboon town as it holds some of the most sought after traditional practices and culinary delights. The town has not developed much from what it was many years ago and that is the main attraction about the Chantaboon area. The traditional and cultural practices which have continued in the town till today is one of the biggest attractions. Even though the city has some exposure to the modern developed world, the occupants value their traditional practices and choose to embrace them wholeheartedly. The city has a small Catholic church, several markets, and authentic Chinese restaurants. If you are interested in the food you can taste the culinary delights at Chatrium Golf Resort Soidao.


Visit the biggest Cathedral in Thailand

Chantaburi is home to one of the oldest and most intricately beautiful cathedrals in Thailand. This is also the oldest cathedral in the Chanthaburi province. It is one of the most important places to visit if you are heading to Chanthaburi. The cathedral has been built in Gothic Style which is of great importance and you can notice the intricacy of the detailed drawings and cravings on the interior as you enter. One of the main features of the cathedral is a statue of the Virgin Mary which is clad in front of the altar. The Cathedral is not far from many a Chanthaburi resort and is quite easy to find.


Visit the gem markets

Even if you do not feel like you might purchase any gems or precious stones it is worthwhile to take a walk down the gem markets to experience and enjoy the atmosphere. Even though it is called a market it is a road which has about 100 different gem stores aligned one after the other. The road is one of the most sought after locations for tourists as you get to see a variety of different discoveries which you can get for wholesale pricing even if you purchase just one. The market is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Most visitors come and browse through the products on Friday and then return to make their purchase on Saturday.


Namtok Philio National Park

If you felt like the Chantaboon city was a breath of fresh air from the commercialised tourists cities in other areas of Bangkok, you are in for a delightful surprise at Namtok Philio National Park. The park is absolutely breathtaking, clean well maintained and displays how nature was intended to exist. Namtok Philio National Park is home to the mountain peak which is located in Wa Krok is an important landmark as it is the peak of where most rivers such as Klong Narai and Klong Philio that flow across Thailand start from.