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Devhance's team helps companies, agencies and startups to build crazy fast, better secure, SEO-friendly websites & web applications.
A new approach allows us to create unique products in web industry. We offer cost-effective solutions that satisfy customer needs.
No more additional expenses for security, maintenance or hosting. Zero headaches with content management.


  • Custom UX/UI Design (analysis-solution-prototype-mockup-usability testing)
  • Website & Web App development using Static Site Generators (Gatsby, Next.js & others)
  • JAMstack Progressive Web Applications (PWA)
  • Headless CMS integration (NetlifyCMS, DatoCMS, Ghost & others)
  • SEO audit, website optimization
  • Support services based on cooperation

We are passionate about what we do and customers feel that through daily communication with the Devhance's team. Any doubts? Just drop us a line and you will see the new meta of growing your business up.


Blog – Devhance

Are you interested in web design? Or you want to learn more about startups & entrepreneurship? Not enough motivation to start your business? Check our blog to find more.

How WEB development companies work? – Devhance

Without any doubts, every company starts with clients. It doesn’t matter what kind of company you are. We don’t believe if customer, who is using services of the exact company, is not interested in how everything works. So, the main goal of this article is to give a short explanation, how WEB development companies work.

How colors affect your visitors? – Devhance

Some companies do not fully understand how color palette affects their visitors. Nobody wants to do a research to find the most impactful colors for a marketing company. Have you ever thought why giants like Facebook or Microsoft didn’t choose purple or black colors for their logos? Success hides in the details.

Why freelancers fail? – Devhance

Are you a freelancer? Have you ever asked yourself why freelancers fail? Here are 3 main reasons why freelancers fail even having a top rated status and best reviews

Sketch vs Adobe XD – Devhance

We bet you hear all the discussions about what are the best tools for designers. So, what UX/UI tool is more suitable for you?

Why employees leave? – Devhance

So why the employees leave? Lack of motivation? Maybe they are too bored of daily routine work? Or they are not growing up? Terrible team can also be a reason why employees leave.

5 Top web design mistakes – Devhance

After 3 years working with a huge amount of web designers, we would love to share our top 5 web design mistakes and how to avoid them.

Why motivation is important – 5 tips to hustle and motivate yourself. – Devhance

Life is very basic, we make it unbelievably complicated. People lack the ability to put their life in perspective, they don't want to decide what are next steps in their lives. We call it “lack of motivation”.

How much does a website cost? – Devhance

Devhance’s team got a lot of questions about “How much does a website cost?”. While the price of a website is highly individual, some things are universal in every website creation process and determine the cost of a website, you need to understand.

Increasing your startup value with stunning design & advanced development – Devhance

Devhance is the first company that is concentrated on helping entrepreneurs, founders & startups to build award-winning products with stunning design and advanced development.

5 reasons why people buy emotions, not things – Devhance

Without an experienced sales manager and having a strong marketing strategy you won’t go far. But also business owners forget the fact that their customers buy emotions, not things.

5 Top web design mistakes – Devhance

After 3 years working with a huge amount of web designers, we would love to share our top 5 web design mistakes and how to avoid them.

How to increase your business value – Devhance

Market problems, running out of cash, not the right team, pricing issues, user un-friendly product. A lot of reasons can cause a crash in your business. So, what we need to do to prevent your business dying?

5 best tips how to increase productivity – Devhance

Are you productive enough? We asked our team members what they do to increase daily productivity and how to not stay on the same place for a long time.

4 Golden design rules in 2019 – Devhance

We bet you hear a lot about web and graphic design trends in 2019. Last 6 month our team spent a huge amount of time working on different types of projects and here are our 4 golden design rules, that will be in trend this year

How to choose fonts for web design projects? – Devhance

Choosing a font for your project is not an easy thing to do. Finding a perfect match, defining your audience and understanding the purpose are the most important things you need to have an eye for.

How web design affects SEO? – Devhance

It’s not a secret that SEO (search engine optimization) starts with web design. Choosing right color scheme, images, CTA elements will help you to increase website’s visibility and even bring you clients.

Why you should save money? – Devhance

There are a variety of reasons why you should start or continue saving money. A clear vision why you need to save money will make this process easier and faster. Here are 4 reasons that may help you to understand why you need to save money.

5 progressive front-end frameworks & libraries – Devhance

This post is not only about progressive front-end frameworks, but also we want to mention libraries that are in trend now. We bet you’ve already read a lot of opinions about these technologies. But today we won’t highlight which one is better, we understand that they have different purposes.

Why confidence is so important? – Devhance

You can meet a lot of unconfident people nowadays. They struggle a lot with their decisions and they always doubt about everything. There is a theory, that confidence can help us being more successful and happier in life. Here is 4 main points why confidence is so important.

Why startups fail? – Devhance

As our company works a lot with startups, we can’t hide the fact that startups fail. Most of them are not ready for today’s market or they don’t understand how to satisfy customers.

Top 3 eye-catching fonts for every designer – Devhance

We all know how colors can affect your visitors. You might underestimate the importance of using right fonts on your websites. It’s not only about getting new customers, choosing the eye-catching font can help your visitors to stay longer on the page.

Entrepreneurship or a 9 to 5 routine? – Devhance

Have you ever thought about being an entrepreneur? Do you feel exhausted about your 9 to 5 routine? Here are some facts about entrepreneurship and 9 to 5 job.

Why good design matters? – Devhance

The most powerful means of communication today is design. You’re still guessing why it is so important for your business? To outline exactly why good design matters, our team created the list of proven reasons.


You want to start your business, but don’t know how? The “laptop lifestyle” allows you to create an income and manage your company with your phone. Here is our top 5 business ideas you should try in the second half of 2019.