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The Best Postcards

In-house production, printing, and fulfillment. 24-28 hour artwork turnaround.

Per piece rates include postage, printing, standard mailing list, and design.

Postcards Are Still Quite Effective and Here’s Why

As strange as this may sound to readers, a postcard is one of the more effective direct marketing tools still in use even in today’s digital era! Here’s why:

Building Your Brand Image with Postcards

Brand image is more than just sticking to your tagline and the logo that identifies your business, product, or service. Nowadays, it is a mix of the associations’ consumers make based on every interaction they have with your business. Hence, postcards sent through direct mail in Connecticut might be something you would want to delve into.

The Pros of Direct Mail Marketing

Despite popular belief, direct mail marketing isn’t extinct. In fact, U.S. organizations spent $46 billion on direct mail in 2014, that’s up from $44.8 billion the year before. In addition to digital marketing tactics and a loyalty program, of course, direct mail also provides an opportunity to attract and retain customers. But is it right for your business?

The Cons of Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail in Connecticut has several uses, and well-planned and targeted direct mail campaigns can increase brand recognition and solicit sales. Though there are a few drawbacks to be considered before investing your time and money in a direct mail campaign, these considerations are especially important if you are operating a small business with a small to moderate marketing budget.

Most Common Postcard Marketing Mistakes

Postcards are the least expensive form of direct mail in Connecticut today, are easy to create, and typically generate a higher rate of response compared to other forms of direct marketing. But, there are several things that marketers forget to consider when utilizing this asset.

Keeping Your Message Simple

An important thing for marketers to remember is how to keep their message simple and easy to understand, given that the human attention span is at its lowest level ever. According to a study by Microsoft, the average human being now has an attention span of eight seconds. This is a sharp decrease from the average attention span of 12 seconds in the year 2000.

Is It Possible to Use Custom Postcards Outside Direct Mail?

One of the many concerns that commercial printing in Branford, Connecticut is asked is whether or not print marketing is still effective, and to answer that question, The Best Postcards says yes!

Does Shape Matter: Rounded or Pointed

Design is one of the most important elements of marketing and is also applied in commercial printing in Branford, Connecticut. It reflects the personality and characteristics of the product and if done correctly, relays the vision and morals of the business.

Types of Brochure Folds and Their Uses

Marketers using commercial printing in Branford, Connecticut should take advantage of the unique attributes of brochures when it comes to its folding options. Every single type of fold works differently for certain types of content, changing the way your product is presented in each fold.

Do You Still Need a Business Card in this Day and Age?

Like all modern business owners, you might have found yourself asking this question at some point in your life, “Do I still need a business card?”

“It’s old fashioned and out-of-date, so should I still be using it?”

The Importance of Market Targeting in Direct Mail

Marketing is all about effectively communicating and persuading your audience to pay attention to your product and direct mail Connecticut is no exception.

Why Digital Advertising Isn’t All ‘That’

Digital advertising in today’s age is delicate because of two main elements: quality and saturation.

According to the Wall Street Journal, earlier this year, Facebook Inc. reported having overestimated by about 80% of the average time people spent watching video ads on its platform. This affected 2 years of already gathered information, agitating the media and the marketing world. Imagine how devastating this information was to some of the world’s largest advertisers who have allocated millions - even billions - of marketing dollars toward video content promotion!

Why Holiday Postcards Are a Good Idea This Holiday Season

This year is about to come to its close and the holiday season is knocking on all our doors. Various businesses, small and large companies alike, are going at full speed with their holiday promotional plans. A good way of communicating with clients and customers during this time of year is by sending custom postcards!

The Best Time to Market on Social Media

So you feel like you are ready to suit up and sell. The next question now would be: when is the right time to sell on social media? Unlike traditional methods such as direct mail in Connecticut, the time for marketing on social media varies depending on which platform you are using. Marketers far and wide have discussed this issue and the consensus often seems to be this – it depends.

Hitting All the Senses with Direct Mail

It is a challenge for digital marketers to engage more than two senses in their usual clients; it becomes impossible to hit all of them at the same time. At most, a digital marketing campaign can only focus on engaging sight and hearing. There have been endeavors where smart marketers manage to appeal to a client’s sense of touch, however, even that experience is not the same.

The Secret Is in the Cards

You read that right. That simple credit card-sized promotional card that’s usually attached to the upper panel of mailing envelopes you receive holds the answer to promotional success!

According to research conducted by IWCO Direct, promotional cards generate more results compared to no-card mailings, and for a number of reasons.

All the Love, In a Postcard: Valentine’s Direct Mail Marketing Tips

Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday for companies and their marketers to promote their businesses, build relationships, and increase sales. Mailboxes all over the country are ready to heat up with love-filled mailing envelopes, so join the fun and start planning your own direct mail marketing system!

Postcard Marketing Design Tips for Beginners (1)

If your company is looking to start marketing using direct mail in Connecticut, postcard marketing is the way to go! It can be used to promote a sale or feature a new product/service and it’s one of the most affordable, not to mention popular forms of direct mail marketing. However, marketers should keep in mind that postcards are a very visual marketing medium and it takes a well-designed postcard to get noticed.

Benefits of Custom Postcards in Promoting Business

We at The Best Postcards believe that personalized postcards in new England is an art form of its own. To produce the best possible postcards for your business or organization, you must take the creation stages of the print product into consideration.

Making the Message Stick with Creatively Made Postcards – The Best Postcards

One untapped class of printed marketing materials which people often overlook when coming up with a new campaign are personalized postcards. This item is incredibly versatile and economical for any marketer looking to get their message out and into the world. It is also a great way to establish a long-lasting connection with your customers, as pesonalized postcards in new England can be designed to speak specifically to your target audience.

Boost Your Brand Awareness With Direct Mails

Now that almost everything is done digitally, using direct mail in Connecticut to reach your target audience feels so outdated and counterintuitive. What’s the point in using it when in just a single click, you can reach thousands of clients and send them relevant advertisements?

Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Direct Mail Marketing

If you’re thinking of using direct mail in Connecticut as a way to market your brand, then you have to do it right. You can’t just simply pour your precious funds into it without even a smidgen of a plan.

Making an Impact on Your Customers’ Life Amid This COVID-19 Crisis

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, people around the world are in a state of panic and paranoia. As an entrepreneur, you can make a positive impact on the lives of your customers. The secret lies in your marketing campaigns. For your commercial printing in Branford, Connecticut, and other initiatives, consider integrating the following:

Direct Mail: Ways to Make It a Branding and Loyalty-Building Strategy

With the information overload online, getting a direct mail could be a breath of fresh air. No, it isn’t boring. And yes, you can still derive sales from this strategy. You just need to implement innovative ways to make your emails appealing. For a start, it’s a must to avail of world-class commercial printing in Branford, Connecticut to ensure your marketing materials would all look professional. Then, be sure to integrate the following insights to add a touch of style: