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Caregiver Tips for Taking a Break

As a caregiver, your health is just as important as your patient’s. This is why you should learn how to prevent yourself from facing burnout and exhaustion to avoid a new set of health problems. You might be wondering “why is it so hard for caregivers to take a break?” Rationally, we know that everybody needs it, but emotionally, we don’t want to step away from our loved one, even if it’s taking a toll on our own health.

Why Your Seniors Need to Establish a Routine

Growing old may have a daunting effect on some people - they’re stepping into new, uncharted territory. This is especially true if they are becoming more challenged with their abilities physically or even cognitively. Seniors need to have structure in their everyday lives to prevent them from feeling insecure with it. Building a daily routine they can count on does wonders in providing them with a sense of safety against the unknowns.

Tips for a Healthy Summer Salad

It can get tedious and exacting to cook food, especially during the warmer seasons. That is why TENDERHEARTED In-Home Care Services is giving you tips for making summer salads as an alternative to cooking in the kitchen! According to providers of home care services in Milpitas, California, one benefit of incorporating salads into your summer menu is increased hydration.

The Perks of Our Transportation Services

Senior citizens can become frustrated, lonely, or isolated when they lose their ability to drive. That is why TENDERHEARTED In-Home Care Services offers transportation assistance for seniors who are under our home care services in Milpitas, California. It’s usually the provider of in-home care services that oversees their loved one’s transportation.

Fun Labor Day Activities for Seniors

Labor Day is the perfect opportunity to relax, enjoy time off work, and celebrate the unofficial end of summer with family and friends. Make sure to include senior loved ones in your weekend plans! Social activities, including family time, are essential when it comes to the mental, physical, and emotional health of aging adults.

Home-Safety Tips When Taking Care of a Senior at Home

Our homes can provide comfort, familiarity, and feelings of continued independence and security. This means, letting a senior continue to live at home makes sense, right? Not necessarily. Deciding whether the home environment is safe is an essential factor of senior care in California.

Myths About Aging and Exercise

As you age, an active lifestyle becomes more important than ever. Exercise can help improve balance and coordination, boost your memory, and ease the symptoms of many chronic conditions. But why do so many people stop being physically active as they age? It all comes down to some long-standing myths that people believe about exercise and aging. At TENDERHEARTED In-Home Care Services, we ensure that you follow safety guidelines while you do exercises and perform tasks.

On Senior Companionship: Helping Your Aging Loved One

Many elderly parents want to demonstrate their ability to continue managing their own lives, but the need for sincere companionship still exists, even for those living with a partner. Staying socially active is one of the most powerful things that seniors can do to stay healthy and independent at every stage of life’s journey. A professional caregiver or senior companion is a great resource to help your loved one nurture meaningful, healthy relationships.