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Amazing Articles from Virtual Assistants on the web.

These the best articles we can find on the web written by virtual assistants. We invite you to list your article if it meets best SEO practices. This means it should be:

  • A minimum of 750 words long
  • Have 3 backlinks - 2 internal (to other articles in your blog) and 1 external.
  • Target a key term and include this key term in your h1 Title, in the first paragraph of your copy and mention it (or synonym) 3 times throughout the article.

Click on this link to learn about creating virtual assistant websites and how to write for them.


Which Email Marketing Software Tool To Use | VA Executive Services

Email marketing is one of the oldest online tools and still effective if it's done the right way. There are many different email marketing software tools

In this article Sarah shares the best of the bunch.

Lead Magnets

A lead magnet is a free offer on your lead generation page to incentivize prospects to give their email address or other contact information.

Email subscription is one of the most common methods of generating traffic in digital marketing and list building is essential. However, most visitors to your web page won’t just join your email list for no reason. They need to be incentivized to share their email address.

Using such language as “Subscribe to our free newsletter” won’t do the magic. Some readers may sign up if they see value in the service you are offering, but overall the conversion rate will likely be less than 1%.

This is why you need a lead magnet. - Read More

Website at

I often get asked how to become a VA and I’ve found the best way is to get help from the people that understand how to become a VA.

My recommendation would be to join 121 Temps (Click Here), they have a fabulous $10 per month membership (yes – $10 per month!) that offers the following:

New training video, course or resource every month.
Free access to the 4 Easy Steps to Succeed learning kit
Invitation to some of our live Webinars
Free Listing on to get job leads
Private space for asking questions and more information
Direct access to our team of experienced virtual assistants on our closed Facebook Group (private for guests only)

Looking for Brisbane proofreading services that will ensure those awkward typos are picked up and corrected?
If the classic “they’re”, “their”, and “there” has always befuddled you, or it’s super imperative that your business copy is crisp and catchy to the reader, then working with a proofreader is the right move for you.

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur who’s launching their new website into a saturated market, or you’re a business owner who’s expanding their marketing collateral, your words matter.

Event and Meeting Planners — .

Whether it’s for 5 or 500 people, we can help you prepare for your upcoming business meeting, conference, promotional event, networking dinner or fundraiser with meticulous attention to detail.
Whether you would like assistance with the planning to ensure every detail is carefully prepared in advance and collaborative support for your events team - or you would like us to manage the whole event, we can arrange everything so you can relax and enjoy the occasion with your guests.

Blogging Packages for Small Businesses

All prices are approximate. Specific needs will be considered in making a comprehensive quote.

Platinum “Research” Done for You Blog Package


Established businesses with or without a current blog
Businesses who want to outsource their blog writing and require a high level of research-based writing
This package can be used to set up your blog and blog plan and includes ongoing support

Advice & Guidance
Setting up blog on website if required
Content planning schedule
Keyword Research
Ongoing support = Copywriting 4+ articles per month, Editing and Image selection for 4+ blogs per month
Copywriting of high level researched articles with citations
Blog repurposing or Sharing for 6 channels or media

Minimal after initial set up period
100% Done for You

About – Social4Salons

Social4Salons is a social media management business that strives to help local salons keep their appointment calendars full.

Blog - Country Business Services

Definition of Virtual Assistant:  A virtual assistant an independent contractor who provides administrative services to clients while operating outside of the client’s office.  A virtual assistant typically operates from a home office but is able to access the necessary planning documents, such as shared calendars, remotely.

How a Virtual Assistant can help your Small Business - Country Business Services

Small businesses start their ventures with bold visions and big plans, but sometimes it is easy to get bogged down in all of the administration, accounting and social media side of things.  No matter the industry, these mundane tasks need doing and can’t be ignored.  But how can you keep up with it all and still build your business to the success that you are looking for?  That is where a Virtual Assistant can help.

Start YOUR VA Biz - How to, Part 1

But now what? Where do you actually start and what should you do. Let’s break it down, remembering that the order of these steps may differ depending on who you are, your previous experience and where you are on your journey.

What is Online Marketing – Process and Best Practice Procedures

What is online marketing - process and best practice - for small businesses wanting to ensure their online marketing efforts produce targeted results

Email Marketing Tips for Small Business | VA Executive Services

Here are a few email marketing tips for your small business. Email marketing is a very popular and powerful way for connecting with clients.


7 Reasons To Update Your Website

7 Reasons To Update Your Website

Your website is often the very first place potential clients will go to learn about your business and the services you offer. Keeping your website updated is one of the most important steps in attracting clients and creating new leads but is more often overlooked by business owners.

Here are 7 reasons it might be time to update your website.

  1. Your Website Is Not Secure
    Security is a top priority for all businesses, but it is something that is often overlooked. If your website is hacked client information could be compromised and it can also allow for the spread of malware. You can take some simple steps to protect your site by regularly scanning your site for potential malware, perform regular updates to your theme, plugins and WordPress core, install an SSL Certificate and use strong and secure passwords.

  2. Your Website is Using An Outdated Theme
    When you first created your website it may have been built with the most current theme however with technology changing so quickly it could now look out of date in terms of look and functionality.
    There are often significant improvements from website and theme providers every 2-3 years that change the visual layout of a modern website. Compare your current site to ones you visit often which you find visually appealing, and update your visuals if you feel yours is out of date.

  3. Your Content Is Not Updated
    Keeping content up to date is a great way to build trust between you and your customers as they come to rely on you for useful information. If your website has dates for past events, incorrect contact details or links that are broken, your website will be in need of an update. Also, think about updating your blog with new content as this will bring in traffic and keep visitors coming back.

  4. Your Website Isn’t Mobile Friendly
    If your current theme is not mobile friendly you will definitely need a new theme. Nowadays website traffic is via mobile devices so you will need to keep up with the latest trends and newer themes adapt to any device. You will also run the risk of losing business if your website isn’t mobile friendly.
    If visitors cannot get things done easily on your website using only their phones, then now is the time to update.

  5. Your Website Takes Too Long to Load
    When was the last time you checked to see if your website loads slowly? A loading time over five seconds is perceived as too long to wait. Slow loading could be caused by a number of factors, including large images that have not been optimised prior to uploading, underpowered hosting or an older, poorly performing theme. Some of these are easy to fix and will be a better user experience.

  6. Your SEO Is Struggling
    If your website hasn’t been updated in a while, your ranking is probably not so high on search engine results. Updating your website can be a great way to increase your search engine ranking as you can add in keywords and phrases.

  7. Your Website Is Difficult to Navigate
    We know much more about the user experience today than previously and how your website navigation can steer the visitor towards a better experience. Ask a colleague or family member to check your website’s user experience. Is it easy is it to find information and complete steps? If it’s hard to find information or your form is too long to complete, then now is the time to start working on updating your site.

If you would like assistance with the items above please get in contact.

How Google My Business benefits your Small Business

Google My Business is a free tool for business owners allowing them to manage & control their online presence on Google. Your small business will benefit!

This article by Rachel from Just In Time Virtual Assistant gives you some great reasons on why you should have an active Google My Business listing.

Create a Virtual Assistant Website that will Drive Traffic (free downloads)

This comprehensive guide with free downloads will help you create virtual assistant websites in Wordpress and includes a template.

Virtual Assistant Price Sheet - Work Out How Much to Charge

Select different pricing strategies from this virtual assistant price sheet to help you earn what you are worth and provide value to client.

Does Confidentiality Hold Clients Back from Hiring Virtual Assistants?

What does hold clients back from hiring you? Is it only confidentiality or is there more that you can do to knock down the barriers to finding clients

7 Components Of A Virtual Business Plan | FREE Plan Template

Need a business plan - here's a template for FREE.

Discover how to write a business plan, a vision and a purpose for a virtual assistant business and download our FREE simple business plan template.