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Kick A** Virtual Assistants and Resources

Virtual Assistants are the best and this list is to showcase who you are and what you do. You can also share the best information, courses and resources about running a virtual business. We love virtual assistants and we support them every single day.

What is a Virtual Assistant?
A virtual assistant is the term used to describe someone who runs a business from home and delivers their services over the internet. Virtual assistant are self-employed and can choose to set up their business in different ways. They can be sole traders, register a pty ltd company or run under a trust.

There are a huge range of services that virtual assistants offer. Not just admin and not just low level services either. This list of services is just the tip of the iceberg. We have helped everyone from a Woolworths supervisor to a fully qualified accountant and para-legal set up their business.

The major benefits to most women who become a virtual assistant are the flexibility and control over their own life. We help you live the life you want by working virtually.


Where do I start?

Knowing where to start is the most common question we get asked. You start with yourself. You work out what you want, where you want to be in 5-10 years and how much you want to earn. Then you look at your skills and any skills you need to learn and start working on your marketing plan. Our Flagship Course How to Get Started, Find Clients and Charge What You Are Worth will step you through the process. QUICK TIP - if you book in an initial chat with me, I'll give you a discount code.


Will my skills be enough to earn an income?

I can give you a simple exercise to do to assess the skills and experience you have and give you an indication of what market (if any) will use them. I can also give you indications of pay and conditions.


Where do I find clients?

There are over 2 million small businesses in Australia and 686,000 of them don't employ staff. There is a huge market for virtual assistant services and you only need a handful of clients to be successful. Business owners want to delegate the mundane and specialised tasks that they don't want to do and can't do. Our marketing plan will tell you exactly how to market your business.


How does it all work?
Similar to working in a traditional office only you work from your own home and use readily available software to deliver your services remotely. Rather than work for one person who buys your time, you have several clients who hire you as an independent contractor. You invoice them for your services and are responsible for marketing and sales.



Make more money as a Virtual Assistant

Make more money as a Virtual Assistant

Make More Money As A Virtual Assistant gives you 3 great tips on how to encourage your existing clients to buy more from you.


Guide: How to Start Up a Virtual Business

Guide: How to Start Up a Virtual Business

This very comprehensive guide on how to startup a virtual business gives you 6 simple steps to follow. Awesome.


Get Started, Find Clients, Charge What You Are Worth Course

Get Started, Find Clients, Charge What You Are Worth Course

Absolutely, hands down, the best new virtual assistant start up course around. Register and learn how to get started, find clients and charge what you are worth.

VA Executive Services specialises in providing WordPress management services and email marketing support for business...

Specialising in providing WordPress management services and email marketing support to business coaches.  

I specialise in providing website design and email marketing coaches and authors. I have 20+ years administration experience and prior to starting VA Executive Services, I worked within the corporate sector working in the share registry and company secretariat departments.

Services I Offer:

Website Design

I can help you start your online presence by working with you to create your website from theme selection/installation, customising the colour scheme, font style, background, adding site pages and blog posts with your supplied content and images.

If you have a current website and would like help with redesigning it or require ongoing assistance with updating your site with new content and images.

Our services also extend to creating landing pages for your visitors to sign up and download your free giveaway or paid product.

Monthly Website Care Plan

Keeping your website current and updated is just as important and we know that it can be time-consuming taking you away from more important aspects of your business.

Our basic website care plan is perfect if you need your website maintained with basic content management assistance.

This includes:

WordPress updates to make sure your software is up to date
Weekly backups of your website stored securely so if anything should go wrong we will be able to restore your website quickly
Assistance with basic content management from adding images, testimonials, across the site
Technical support for troubleshooting tasks or support requests
Email Marketing Services (Mailchimp)

Send Professionally Designed Newsletters That Engage With Your Subscribers

If you are not familiar with Mailchimp or do not have the resources to design your own campaign I can create your new Mailchimp account and import your existing email addresses from a CSV or Excel file (if required), create one custom template with your content including any images, hyperlinks and branding.

Prior to sending out your campaign the newsletter will be tested and on approval send your first campaign (newsletter) to your subscribers

Monthly on-going support can also be provided.

My Guarantee

100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!


"Sarah helped not only with the redesign of my website but also the domain transfer and all other hosting challenges, and I am very happy with the end result. During the redesign there was an issue which needed urgent attention, and even though it was outside of office hours, Sarah was happy to help resolve the issue. Always prompt with action and information, she is reliable, patient and professional. I look forward to a continuing relationship addressing additional service needs."

Helen Slater - 6S Coaching

"Having a full time accounting job as well as being a Creatrix®️ Transformologist®️ empowering women left me no time to do the administration and website part of my business but I was so lucky to find Sarah from VA Executive Services because she is an angel. Not only does she know Wordpress and can make dramatic changes to make my website pop but I have also given her jobs that I just don’t have time like loading new blogs for me. Next, on the list build some funnels to help grow my business online further. If you need a hand or not an expert the best thing to do is outsource and I can recommend Sarah as she has been amazing. Turn around time of tasks is quick and because she is in Australia I can pick up the phone if I need to ask a question or need clarification. I would highly recommend Sarah if you are looking for a VA."

Karyn De Mol - Goodness Me Alternative

"I have been utilising Sarah's services for over a year now. As my business needs have grown, Sarah has provided much-needed support in setting up systems and processes to keep pace and to be more operationally organised. Sarah also takes care of regular administration functions such as social media management, LinkedIn marketing initiatives, invoicing, client pipeline management, website updates and much more. I 'meet' virtually with Sarah every week and she ensures I prioritise, stay on track and look at what work I can delegate. As my business continues to build, I know I can rely on Sarah's professionalism and efficiency to keep up with me and my business needs - thanks Sarah, it's been a great year and shaping up to be an even better one in 2018!"

Maree McKeown - Rise to the Challenge

"I have been working with Sarah for the past couple of months. We 'found' each other on LinkedIn. Sarah has helped me with all aspects of design and marketing of a new landing page, and also our first Newsletter. I am really impressed with Sarah's style of working and her commitment to developing an impressive product. I'm very much looking forward to working with Sarah in 2017."

Dianne Rowe - Global Coaching for Engineers, & Lead Recruiter at Rowe & Co

"I came to Sarah in a panic and Sarah came to my rescue! Not only did Sarah confidently grasp the nature of the support I needed with a website, she was able to pick up the pieces and run with it, getting me out of a mess I'd made. Even more impressive is the incredible speed with which Sarah actioned the work, this job was on a very short deadline and she delivered the goods. Thank you, Sarah, 5-Star Service."

Brenda Walhain - Orange Umbrella, Brisbane

"I engaged Sarah on a casual basis for a number of weeks to assist me with redesigning my new website. Sarah was tasked with adding new content, images and further improvements (i.e. Quote page). As a result of a great job Sarah completed on my website I also engaged Sarah to transfer my existing subscribers into Mailchimp as well as design a new newsletter for my business.With Sarah's database background she has also started to assist me with tidying up my CRM system. Sarah performed an excellent service, and I found her to be quite knowledgeable in her area of expertise, professional and pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend Sarah for any future employer for short-term long-term contracts."

Matt Richardson - MaC Consultants, Melbourne

"I would like to express my appreciation to Sarah from VA Executive Services who recently assisted me with some formatting and typing of documents. The work was urgent, and Sarah responded to my post within 20 minutes (late of an evening) and was able to complete the work the next day. Sarah was very professional in my dealings with her, and the work was completed to a very high standard and exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Sarah for anyone that requires executive assistant work completing."

Geraldine, Melbourne

"I would highly recommend VA Executive Services.
Sarah provided us with exceptional service, responding to an urgent last minute call of assistance. Her work is professional, on time, delivered within the quoted timeframe and above all accurate, delivered with a friendly, warm efficiency. Perfect!"

Jo Marchese, Marchese Design, Melbourne

Do you need help with your website, email marketing or adminstration? Then contact me today for a chat!

Woody Point Virtual Assistant - Just In Time Virtual Assistant - Virtual Assistant

Just in time Virtual Assistant provides [virtual assistant services to the health industry.]Digital Services, Marketing and LEAN Business to Work Smarter | Accredited Virtual Business.

Our Primary services are

Digital Marketing and Content Creation

Content Creation - images and blogs
Creation of eNewsletters
Creation of Autoresponders
Website content management
Social Media posting - planning, creation, and scheduling
Email lists management – Embedded opt-in forms to grow your list fast!
Communication plans
Creation of Surveys and collation of results
Certified Blog Assistant Services

Management of your blog website (WordPress) including PlugIns – updates, backups etc
Analysis and measurement of website performance
Make recommendations on improvements
Install tools to help measure and monitor site performance
Format content for best practice SEO (2014) and improve website rankings
Safely drive traffic to any website and establish engagement tactics
Keyword research
Outsourcing content, repurposing content
Exposure of content on appropriate Social Media sites

Process Improvement and Business Systemization

Triple S for Sucess program for small business
Translation of process documents into flow charts / swim lanes
Updating process manuals
Implementation of the Lean method of process improvement

Pacific Pines, Gold Coast Virtual Assistant - Adminaholics - Webinars

Adminaholics is a Virtual Assistant with areas of focus in webinars As an Online Business Manager, we are ADDICTED to all things admin and specialise in Online Courses, Webinars, Social Media and Email Marketing. Success is achieved when your business is running efficiently!

Including over 10 years experience as a Professional Online Business Manager and Virtual Assistant and winner of the SASI Award (Selfless Acts in Supporting the Virtual Industry) in 2014, we believe that we can offer a valuable service to maintain your business.

Here are just some of the reasons that we would be well suited to assist your business:

Strong experience in providing technical support and producing outstanding Email Newsletters for a range of clients in different industries including training, Human Resources, Catering, Management Consulting and Coaching while also using a range of platforms including Mailchimp, Constant Contact and Aweber.
Strong experience in all aspects of webinars including presenter guides, technical support, setting up and marketing webinars including pre-marketing and after marketing including downloading and uploading to You Tube, websites and various other channels.
Our experience of providing virtual assistance for a Sydney Based trainer for over 4 years on a virtual basis by managing their email systems including outlook and mailchimp newsletters, returning phone calls to clients, processing student registrations including certificates and checking submitted online courses, updating their business website along with various event websites throughout Australia. Also managing their LinkedIn Account and group signups, Facebook and Twitter. Following up with customers to confirm bookings, increasing private bookings as well as public bookings. Maintaining online courses and assisting with inputting online courses to their website.
Managing a Virtual Team of Receptionists including training the receptionists in best practice customer service and virtual telephone etiquette, creating videos for the training, ongoing staff management and training as well as maintaining a 24/7 roster for the receptionists.

Success is achieved when your business is running smoothly and efficiently!

We are addicted to Digital Marketing, Webinars & Email Marketing so that you can focus on your specialities!

Tabulam Virtual Assistant - EDOS Ewingar Document & Office Services - Virtual Assistant

EDOS Ewingar Document & Office Services is an online business manager with areas of focus in writing, content marketing and digital marketing . EDOS Online Services helps you to build a strong business presence that links to your client community.

We love building a long term, successful business infrastructure and online presence for you to strengthen the communication between clients and your communities. We specialise in:

  • email marketing support
  • copywriting
  • website content management and updates
  • co-ordination of marketing strategies

EDOS was established in 2007 and is a Senior VA Partner of the 121 Temps VA Network.

Received the SASI Award in 2013 from the Australian Association for Virtual Industry Professionals.

Starmax VA - Virtual Assistant Services - Virtual Assistance

Connect with Starmax VA, Virtual Assistant Services in Beaconfield, Victoria Australia. Find Starmax VA reviews and more.

Hi, Georgina Gray here. I have launched Starmax VA so I can share my passion of helping small business owners and entrepreneurs by providing the Ultimate Cash Flow Management Solution tailored to their business.

It is my belief that every small business owner and entrepreneur must have a passion that drives them to succeed. A core belief that keeps them pushing on, even when times get tough.

PASSION is my drive, ambition and the love of what I do and how I help my clients. It provides me with a view on life that others often don’t see.

STOP AND ASK YOURSELF: What is your true passion? What makes you excited about what you are doing?

My life experiences have seen me through being an employee, employer, manager and business owner operator… and all have taught me so many valuable lessons.

I know how hard it is to find good help. Struggling to keep up. Unable to delegate. There was a time where I was working 15-20 hours a days. I was stressed out, tired and feeling overwhelmed. I enjoyed everything I was doing but it was just too much for one person. I could see it wasn’t going to last. There was no longer a line between the essential cash flow management duties and the services I was providing. I had no work life balance and before I knew it, I was burnt out. The love, the passion, the motivation was all gone.

I knew in that moment, it was time to make a change. I could see so many people around me struggling... Their dreams were fading.

light bulb.jpg

Light bulb moment: I wanted to help others save their dreams, give them hope and freedom to do the things they love. Show them how to delegate!

Today, I focus my time on helping others live their dreams, reaching goals, one step at a time. I love doing the tasks that you don’t need to be doing, allowing you to focus on those important entrepreneurial tasks that drive your business

My immense knowledge in business administration, business operations and e-commerce store management as well as performing complex bookkeeping functions, handling wage matters and performing sales roles allows me to quickly identify the areas you need help with. Creating the Ultimate Cash Flow Management Solution tailored to your business, providing you with the opportunity to focus on growing your business while I take care of the details that slow you down.

I am a native English speaker, highly motivated with extensive experience managing all levels of small to medium scale projects, including financial management and business administration. As a professional with strong leadership and relationship-building skills I can assist you to take your business to the next level.

The qualities I will bring to your business include:

Communication: I believe it is crucial to communicate effectively to ensure I reach my goals. Effective communication will help me build a good working relationship between my clients, which can in turn improve morale and efficiency.

Honesty and Integrity: We’ve all been taught to be honest since we were children, I think there’s no reason why that shouldn’t follow us into our professional lives too. Not only is honesty simply the best policy as a matter of principle, it also makes good business sense. When you’re honest, your customers will respect you for it – and they’ll keep coming back.

Flexibility: In our fast-paced, increasingly technological world, it is becoming more and more important for businesses to ensure that they are as flexible as possible in every area of their work, I offer to provide as much flexibility to clients as possible allowing them to scale up and down as needed

My personal guarantee to you…

I want my clients to be completely satisfied with their service, the reliability and the expertise of every interaction we Starmax VA.

I guarantee... If you’re not completely satisfied and you find the service provided does not achieve the agreed outcomes in the first 7 days, you won't pay a thing.

If you’re not happy, then nor am I... and I want you to contact me straight away and you'll get your invoice waived. It's that simple.

For more information click here or call me on 0477 706 603 to discuss how I can help you and your business.

More about Starmax VA

Need To Improve Your Cash Flow? Without The Added Stress? What Are You Waiting For? Take Control Now!

What we can do for you and your business...
Managing your business cash flow is not a one-time event, you can’t just tick if off the list and leave it for another month.

Cash flow is the genetic make-up of your business. It is those critical actions you take ensuring your business reaches those entrepreneurial goals and expectations… WITHOUT IT… You will be stuck on that hamster wheel getting nowhere fast! That doesn’t sound like fun does it?

Want To Get Off That Hamster Wheel?

CLICK HERE to get started!

“Thank you so much for all that you've done and continue to do. It's a great comfort to know that you're just a quick phone call away should I need any help and advice.”

Kristina O, Cranbourne

Need To Know More? Let Us Show You Exactly What Starmax VA Cash Flow Management Services Can Do For You!

We will work with you to continually update and execute cash flow strategies…

This includes:

Financial management Services

We all know managing your personal and business finances can be difficult and time consuming. SPENDING HOURS EACH WEEK, invoicing, data entry, reporting and those dreaded bank reconciliations... and the numbers just don’t add up... GRRR… that is so frustrating isn’t it?

But today is your lucky day… Starmax VA do all the hard work for you... Yes... you heard me right... We have made it easy for you to manage your finances allowing you to use up all that free time however you choose. From modern accounting software to dedicated financial services, we can find the right solution for you!

E-Commerce Store management Services

We all know running an online retails store and providing great customer experiences requires many hours of hard work…But would't you rather that time better spent.

Between managing inventory, picking and packing orders, and responding to customer enquiries, the entire process quickly becomes overwhelming and potentially damaging to your business reputation. That's the last thing you want.

We design an e-commerce management service around your needs to ensure your business prospers by managing the operational details.

Starmax VA can manage orders and inventory to customer assistance and quality control. Competitor research, product descriptions. Realistically, the only thing we can't do is 'Pick and Pack' your orders... But if you're a drop shipper, we can do that too!

What are you waiting for? Today is the day!TAKE ACTION NOW!

NEED MORE HELP? Here is a list of extra services we can provide for you.

Business Administration:

Customer support

Online business management

Virtual office administration

Project management

Internet research

Calendar management

Data entry

Database management

Records management

Travel planning

Scheduling/ appointment setting

Document management

Client coordination/management

Email management

Team management

Policy and procedure management

Competitive analysis

Recruitment services

Price comparison/ product research

Phone calls – take and return as directed

Obtain quotes – costings

Arrange/book travel and accommodation

Meeting/ appointment setting

Content Development/Writing Services

Web content management


Document conversion

Document presentation

Topic and keyword research

Copy typing

Content curation

Editing and proof reading

Summary writing

Personal Concierge Services:

Scheduling appointments

Making reservations

Managing to-do task lists

Organising paperwork, receipts and bills

Travel booking

Family calendar reminder

Online grocery/gift shopping

Pay and manage monthly bills

General Record Keeping – eg. tax receipt organisation

Looking for something else? Contact us now to discuss your needs!

Helping small business owners and entrepreneurs succeed is what we do best. In fact... we love to see you succeed.

“Georgina is amazing to deal with and her ongoing support is so much appreciated by us. I highly recommend Georgina to anybody thinking of bringing her onboard. Thanks so much for everything you are awesome.”

Naomi D, Victoria

Claire Rechberger - Virtual Assistant Services - Virtual Assistance

Connect with Errand Girl, Claire Rechberger, Virtual Assistant in Bridgenorth, Tasmania Australia. Find Errand Girl's reviews and more.

Having a cloud based administration assistant in your business will be a great benefit to you.

Working only when you need someone and with the skill set to get those draining tasks ticked off the to do list promptly and effectively. I absolutely love working on those tedious and time-consuming tasks that most business owners hate.

Areas of expertise:

Mail out campaigns
Email campaigns
Internet research
business template creation
Data entry
Bookkeeping admin
Document creation and transcription
Proof reading

The software tools that I work with include Dropbox, Skype, Wordpress, MailChimp, Asana, Canva, Xero, Google Suite, Dashlane,

I am contactable via Skype and email, by phone and SMS, if you wish to get in touch with me please send me a message.

Seaside Admin - Virtual Assistant Services - Virtual Assistance

Connect with Seaside Admin, Virtual Assistant Services in North Haven, South Australia Australia. Find Seaside Admin reviews and more.

At Seaside Admin, our business is to help you focus on your business. I can provide you with Administration support when you need it, eliminating those after work hours so you are free to focus on the core functions of your Business.

From Data Entry, organising travel arrangements, managing schedules, typing, creating invoices, just to name a few , I professionalise in a wide range of areas of administration allowing me to thrive in independent environments and engage in what is most important to you.

When you hire Seaside Admin Virtual Assistant, you are getting a dependable person, who is driven to make your business a priority with a high level of time management and organisational skills.

Virtual Wolf - Virtual Assistant Services - Virtual Assistance

Connect with Virtual Wolf, Virtual Assistant Services in West Ipswich, Queensland Australia. Find Virtual Wolf reviews and more.

Hi, my name is Danielle and I am a virtual assistant from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I offer online marketing and administration support to businesses. I have many years experience as an administration assistant and I recently completed my Diploma of Business Administration.

I love the internet and I enjoy brain storming, implementing new marketing ideas and I feel very comfortable in the Virtual Assistant world. I absolutely love working on those tedious and time-consuming tasks that most business owners hate. I offer support to businesses with their administrative tasks such as blog management, WordPress/landing page creation, email management, general administration and social media management.

My specialty however is Social Media Management.

I provide social media management services to business owners and professionals to help them drive traffic for leads and sales generation either offline or online.

From planning to goal setting or content management and traffic generation, through to SEO (search engine optimization) and maintaining your online reputation, I can help you manage and refine your social media profiles to ensure you are getting the most out of your online presence. I can source your images, write your content, interact with your online audience and schedule your posts for you so you don’t have to worry about your social media accounts at all.

How you build and promote your brand on social media and how you maintain your online connections and reputation is just as important as the content on your website.

The software tools that I work with include Wordpress, MailChimp, InfusionSoft,ConvertKit, Aweber, Buffer, Sprout Social, Help Scout and Zendesk.

I am contactable via Skype and email, by phone and SMS, and if necessary(depending on location), in person at your office or at the location of your business meeting.

If you wish to get in touch with me please send me a message.


Compliance with Australian Legal Requirements

Compliance with Australian Legal Requirements

Is Your Business Compliant?
One of the first things you need to know when you're starting out is what laws apply to your new business. As a small business owner, you'll know that being legally compliant relies on being aware of rules and regulations.

Purchase our compliance module to find out the basics of what you need to know about becoming a virtual assistant in Australia.

Running a business is different from being employed mainly because you are now totally responsible to ensure that you comply with all legislative requirements, this includes income tax, superannuation, insurance coverage and any licences you may need to operate a business legally.

In Australia there are complex laws on who is considered an independent contractor vs employee. To protect yourself and your clients it is your responsibility to ensure that you are up to date with all the requirements set by the Australian Government.

In this module from our VA Handbook on Compliance we cover the areas most important to virtual assistants. You wlll be provided with access to information, links and resources to ensure you meet best practice.
Included in this module:

Privacy and Licence information with links to current sites.
New VA Start Up Checklist download
Trade marks and IP
Standard Terms that meet your requirements to your clients
Insurance information
Key Elements of the SPAM Act and Inferred Consent and Conspicuous Publications

BONUS: Template Website Privacy Policy that you can edit and use on your own website.

Specializes with Business Coaches: Helping Them Get More Time With Their Clients

Providing virtual administration support for business coaches & small business owners. Visit our website for list of services available. #coaches #business