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What is a Social Wall? How it can be beneficial for your Events and Conference?



What is a Social Wall?

A Social wall is an aggregated solution of social media feeds of social networks sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. It is a platform where you can display your various social media network’s post on any digital screen using a hashtag or handle in real time. These social media feeds can be user-generated or brand generated content. The social wall is usually known as Twitter Wall and Instagram Wall. In different countries, people also know it with various names such as social media wall, event wall, content wall, social stream wall, social feed wall, interactive media wall, social media displays and more.

A Social wall is really a unique and popular concept for events like tradeshows, wedding, music concerts, fests, exhibitions, conferences, fundraising programs, and charity events. In events, social wall runs on digital signage and shows live social media feeds to the audience which refreshed in new content automatically. During events, social wall keeps events interactive and grab the audience attention. This way anyone can generate huge social buzz around their brand and increase audience engagement. Small to large, social walls can be displayed on any type of screen sizes due to its responsive design. You can easily create a live social wall with the help of social media aggregator tools.


What is a Social Media Aggregator Tool?

What is a Social Media Aggregator Tool?

Social media aggregator tools, like Aggreto, Tintup, Curator are tools that collect and curate social media feeds of various social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. In other words, social aggregator tools make complete social media process simple for you, they collect all scattered social posts using hashtag or handle and give you filtered social media results in an organized and structure formate so you can receive valuable social media user-generated content for your brand.

You can use these social media posts for your brand events and for your business websites too. Embed these live social media feeds on your website and create a social media hub.


The Key Benefits of Using a Live Social Wall for Events

Now many of you will wonder, why should display social media feed on a big screen or digital signage during the event is a good idea? So here are some effective reasons for how live social wall can be beneficial for your events.


A. Engage Attendees

A. Engage Attendees

Who doesn’t want to be famous? Of course everyone, even you too.

The social wall allows people to feature their photos on a big screen during the event. Live Social wall is basically used in events to engage attendees and not get bored. In this process, the feeds of the social media platforms are displayed on a big size screen or digital signage (a.k.a. social media displays) in real time. So whenever people post anything related to the event on the social media using the hashtag of that event it gets displayed over there on the social wall.

Social wall allows people to interact with each other in a better way and discuss any topic on a bigger level. Through this people get more involved in the event and the discussions going around. It’s a great way for event marketers and brands to generate buzz during the events.


B. Gain Visibility

Social wall helps your event to gain social visibility. Social wall generates attraction among attendees during event, as we discussed in the above point. When your attendees share something interesting on social media related to your event with your hashtag then through this way they also engage their social media followers, friends and community for your event.

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This is the best publicity stunt for any event or brand, where your own audience shares your event among people through social media platforms. Social wall is the best way to generate a huge social buzz for events. Social wall converts your event attendees into your influencers and increases your word of mouth marketing as well. This way your event will surely a get huge buzz and gives you the opportunity to increase brand reach beyond your target audience.

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C. Generate Authentic Content

C. Generate Authentic Content

A live social wall generates a mixed type of user-generated content such as branded content, reviews, speaker’s content, etc. and this is a massive success for any brand that they have enough authentic content.

Social wall motivates event guests to share their own experiences such as thoughts, reviews, videos and pictures with your event hashtag on social media. This is the trick where you give a humanize touch to your marketing and generated authentic user generated content for your brand without asking or requesting anyone.

Later, you can embed this social wall of consumer generated content on your websites and can display it in your office on digital signage to build more trust among your clients and customers.

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D. Asking Questions and Answers

D. Asking Questions and Answers

Many times it happens that the speaker of the event asks many questions, but as the time is limited not everybody gets the chance to answer those questions and to give their thoughts about the topic.

Live social media wall can be used very effectively to ask these questions and all the people attending the event can answer through their phones so all the innovative ideas and the best answer will get a platform. And people will get a better opportunity to share their ideas.


E. Sponsorship

E. Sponsorship

Sponsorship is a very basic need for any event. All sponsors expecting a special space for them and their business during events. Showcase your gratitude to your sponsors, create a full screen announcement on social wall and give a special place to sponsors.

Allow your sponsors to exhibit their brand on social wall. Social media wall is one of the appreciable ways to offer your sponsors a great platform to advertise their brand. If the sponsors are niche, then it can raise the standard of your event. This can lure many sponsors too, basically this way you can have good funding for your events also.


F. Exhibit Product Reviews

If you are launching any product in your event then social wall can play a vital role in showing the people all the features of your product visually. You can display real-time branded content to the audience through a live social wall. This gives a better understanding of your product to the people. Also, it’s the best way to launch your product in front of the people who are present in the room as well as with those who are not and are socially connected with you. Simply just share your product features on social platforms using your brand account.