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6 Health Problems That Lead to Impotence

Sexual problems in men are usually associated with age. The older a man becomes, the higher the risk of erectile dysfunction. But erectile dysfunction and impotence are only signs of more complex and serious diseases. Here are six causes of sexual problems that are more important than potency problems.




Diabetes is one of the most dangerous diseases for potency health. The disease affects both blood flow and the nervous system. Men with diabetes are six times more likely to get erectile dysfunction than those who don’t suffer from it.



Men with erectile dysfunction suffer from dementia one and a half times more often than men without problems with potency. But it doesn’t mean that dementia appears due to impotence or vice versa. Both of these diseases can be caused by atherosclerosis.


Coronary artery disease

Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which cholesterol, blood clots or connective tissue narrow the lumen of the coronary arteries. As a result, blood doesn't flow to the heart in the required volume, coronary heart disease develops with many unpleasant consequences: constant chest pain, arrhythmia, and heart failure.

How is this related to erection? The inner layer of blood vessels signal when the blood vessels should contract and relax. When it’s not working, the walls of the arteries cannot relax. As a result, the vessels that should fill the penis with blood don’t function. If you also smoke or are overweight, the risk of heart problems increases. So if you have potency problems, you should visit not only the urologist but also the cardiologist.


Prostate cancer

Actually, prostate cancer doesn’t cause erectile dysfunction but the treatment of this type of cancer may lead to impotency. It’s a high risk of nerve damage during operation and as a result of erectile dysfunction. Radiation therapy and strong medications may also lead to potency. During the treatment, blood vessels often get damaged, and the blood supply to the penis is impaired.


Liver diseases

The worse the erectile problems, the more serious the risk for liver disease. Erectile dysfunction is one of the symptoms of liver cirrhosis. The level of SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) increases and the level of albumin decreases during liver damage. These two proteins affect testosterone levels. A lack of sex hormone in the body leads to the inability to get an erection.


Anxiety and stress

Stress is one of the main enemies of erection. It leads to heart rhythm disturbances, increases blood pressure, and worsens mood. This psycho-physiological processes cause serious damage to sexual desire and reduce erectile efficiency.


What to do?

Don’t buy medicines which improve potency because:

They don’t treat erectile dysfunctions but only eliminate the symptoms
If you will just eliminate the symptom and leave it untreated, you may have much more serious health problems over time

The best protection against erectile dysfunction is its prevention. You should follow a healthy lifestyle: maintain proper nutrition, give up smoking and alcohol, visit urologist twice a year, sleep well and don’t forget about physical activity. Don’t neglect the disease and be healthy!