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Top 10 Whole Milk Nutrition Facts

Check out Top 10 whole milk nutrition facts.Also Here we will discuss about the benefits of whole milk.Know about milk nutritional information and choose best type of milk for yourself and all family members.



High Quality Protein

A glass of whole milk in the morning is enough source to provide you good amount of protein.It gives you 8 gm protein per glass(240 ml).The average need of protein for a man is 56 gm ,that is for a woman is 46 gm.100 gm of whole milk gives you 6% of daily need of protein i.e one glass gives you 15% of daily requirement.



The total fat content in 1 glass of whole milk is 8 g.Out of which saturated,polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat content is shown in the table.A glass of milk supplies you 12% daily need of fat .One third of which is unsaturated fat,which increases good cholesterol level.




Three major functions of this mineral is-
keep your bones and teeth stronger,99% of calcium is stored in those parts
cell signalling
blood clotting
Whole Milk is a very good source of calcium.100 gm of whole milk(3.25%) provides you 113 mg of calcium whereas a glass of milk provides you 300 mg calcium.1 glass of whole milk is supplying you 30% need of your daily calcium level.Calcium is very necessary for bone and teeth health.



Phosphorous is the second most crucial mineral in your body.First of course is calcium.Phosphorous main functions are-
Maintain Strong bones and teeth in collaboration with calcium
Cleanses waste from kidney
grow,maintain and repair tissue
maintain regular heartbeat



A glass of whole milk (240 ml) contains 322 mg of potassium.This is nearly 10% of the daily required amount.The fact is ,the higher the fat proportion in milk the lower is the amount of potassium.That is why a glass of skim milk have 400 mg of potassium as it contains no fat at all.But too much potassium in blood may be dangerous for your body also.It may cause dangerous heartbeat changes or deadly changes in the heart rhythm.


Vitamin D

Vitamin D

Deficiency in vitamin D causes weaker bones which may lead to brittle bones.Sunshine triggers the making of vitamin D in body through skin.We get a huge 30% of daily value from a glass of milk itself.


Vitamin A

Vitamin A is the key of healthy immune system.This vitamin also gives us healthy skin,good vision and bones.A glass of milk provides us 9.5% of daily need of this vitamin.


Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 plays crucial role in normal function of brain and nervous system.It is involved in formation of red blood cells which carry oxygen in the blood.This vitamin plays a role in the metabolism in each cell of the body.A glass of milk provides you 20% of daily value of B-12.



Riboflavin is the vitamin that is needed for overall good health and growth.8 ounces milk supplies 25% daily need.Milk and dairy product is the primary source of this vitamin.It helps body to break carbohydrate,protein ,fat and create energy.



Whole milk is a good source of vitamin B1
Thiamin or B1 vitamin function-
breaks carbohydrate to provide energy
conduction of nerve signal

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