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Here are the best parenting tips which will help you to deal with common parenting issues for children across all ages from toddlers to teenagers. Parenting guidance would surely provide positive parenting tips for successful parenting.

How to stop your child from procrastinating | 10 tips to overcome procrastination - India Parenting Tips - To deal wi...

Procrastination is a part of human nature. As Dr. Joseph Ferrari, Professor of Psychology at De Paul University says,” Everybody procrastinates but nobody is a procrastinator.” Almost 20 % of the population have more chronic problems dealing with procrastination like not paying bills on time, not able to complete tasks assigned to them, not able to meet the deadlines and so on. This results in tremendous disappointments and embarrassing situations.

For children who constantly procrastinates tasks they often fail to complete the assignments on time. Homework becomes a really stressful job. Teachers complain to be irresponsible and careless. Parents overall face a lot of hardships and challenges.

Therefore, I plan to come up with 10 proven tips that would surely help to stop your child from procrastinating. Any change of behavior or attitude needs time. Nothing can change dramatically. When you are a parent of a child who constantly procrastinates tasks, you got to be loaded with enough stock of patience and understanding which is a key for successful parenting technique. Keep working out short-term plans and celebrate the small successes with your child by rewarding him or her from time to time and appreciating any minor positive step towards fighting against his or her procrastinating behaviors. This way slowly but more steadily you may be successful to stop your child from procrastinating tasks.

That’s all for today. I hope my article was meaningful to you. Do drop in your comments if you have more helpful tips for parents of children who constantly procrastinates tasks.

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8 Handy tips to calm down children with tantrums - India Parenting Tips - To deal with common parenting issues

Children are the most lovable and adorable gifts to parents. They trigger so many emotions in our lives makings us cry, smile, laugh, jump and even stay shocked at times. However, with these unfiltered outbursts of so many feelings, children often go wild with their tantrums that leaves parents bewildered and stressed to find ways how to calm children with tantrums. No two children are the same and every child is unique and so every parent and every family. Apart from the helpful tips discussed above, there could be a lot more than you could do for your family that might work as wonder. If your child’s tantrums and aggressive behavior are seriously causing problems in your family and lifestyle, then perhaps it would be a good idea to talk to a health care professional and get help to work things out more effectively.

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Yoga therapy for Autism | 4 Basic Yoga Poses for Beginners - India Parenting Tips - To deal with common parenting issues

Parents of autistic children often feel frustrated with therapies as they don’t see immediate results. Their frustrations and anger only aggravate the issue. There are many things that they need to learn to deal with and everything needs time. But do you know that your life and your child’s life can undergo huge transformation by following one ancient Indian proven and tested spiritual practice? Yes, that’s Yoga. Remember that you deserve to be happy and love yourself. There is nothing wrong with that. Ensure that you practice yoga with your family and especially with your child. You may choose to play along with some nice soothing music or musical instrument if that calms and smoothens the environment. Practice Yoga daily and learn the art of loving, caring and nurturing yourself and your child. Autism and yoga are a great combination if you know how to work it together.

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Bipolar disorder and your child | Symptoms, Causes & Treatment of Bipolar Disorder - India Parenting Tips - To deal w...

Bipolar disorder is also known as a manic disorder is a serious mental disorder of an individual wherein a person experiences extreme mood swings that are more than normal. Sometimes he or she might feel extremely excited and happy known as a manic episode when they get more excited than other children of the same age group for a given situation. At times they might exhibit a severe depressive behavior known as the depressive episode when they feel extremely low and down with sadness and depression. Bipolar disorder is more than normal mood swings in terms of severity, frequency and dangerous consequences. A child with bipolar disorder experiences extreme mood swings that are very powerful and strong to handle without therapy and medication. It becomes very difficult to handle the extreme swings which are very steep and random. It is difficult to identify a particular cause for bipolar disorder. Sometimes it could be a genetic disorder when it is related to bloodline and family history.

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Anemia & your child | Myths, Symptoms & Prevention from Anemia - India Parenting Tips - To deal with common parenting...

Anemia is a body condition when the red blood cells in our blood are less than what is supposed to be normal level at a given age of the child or adult. Each red blood cells in our body are filled with a special substance called hemoglobin. Child Anemia is not very difficult to identify. One must have a good vision. (Huh!!! No). Unfortunately, Anemia in children is often neglected as the parents feel that they are providing an adequate amount of food to the child. This is not always true. If you feel that your child has any of the symptoms of Anemia, get her or his blood tested and check with a pediatrician immediately. With proper corrective action at the right time, Anemia in children can be easily treated and cured.

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10 ways to teach your child about Consent - India Parenting Tips - To deal with common parenting issues

Would you mind to sit on my lap baby?

How about a Big Hug!

With the rampant outbreak of the growing rate of sexual harassment and violence today, it has become very crucial to teach children about the concept of Consent and the right to say NO whenever and where ever required. Your Consent for a particular matter is not a compliance issue that demands obedience. It does not mean that you are disrespectful and rude. This mental understanding should be made to develop on the child’s mind and parents have an indispensable role to play here.

Well, that is the basic purpose why I decided to write about how you should teach your child the concept of consent. Therefore, telling children that you have the right to give your consent is not enough. We need to equip them and aid them with all the tools and necessary skills that they become confident to deal with it. According to a report, every 2 minutes a woman in the US is being sexually assaulted. In India, children are being raped and molested every other day and we simply feel sorry and horrified by the brutality of crimes.

It is time that we take a step further and start teaching our children to value consent so that they grow up to be a civilized individual as man and woman to respect privacy and the power of No. I hope the 10 ways to teach your child would aid you with resources to start teaching your children to value consent and know how to act on it.

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10 preventive tips to stop children fighting with each other - India Parenting Tips - To deal with common parenting i...

The Joy of parenting is amazing indeed. A part of it makes you feel wonderfully blessed and the other part is refereeing a Guerrilla warfare. This is especially applicable when you have more than one kids.

I come home from work thinking all the way planning what to do next for my kids at home waiting for me, to find, my house in utter chaos! My three boys are in fighting mood and no one wants to give up. Even the toddler down there is trying to wrestle his way punching and hitting whoever he can.Well, no one is going to answer that for me so I started doing my little research in order to handle my chaotic situation at home. So here I am with my list of 10 preventive tips to stop the Guerrilla fighting amongst the kids at home! One important thing that I would like to remind here is that do not expect results overnight. Things take time but you need to be consistent and never give up on your children. Consistency and patience play a key role to handle situations when children fight with each other. You need to be consistent in following the above tips that I have discussed in this article and patient enough to give an adequate amount of time for things to settle down.

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What is an Emotional Abuse | How to identify Child Emotional Abuse & your role to stop it. - India Parenting Tips - T...

Emotional abuse of a child means to injure a child emotionally by using emotions as weapons of hurt and attack. It involves insulting the child, mocking and belittling the child, constant neglect and ignorant behavior towards the child, using hateful languages and calling out bad names in public to shame the child and many more. Sometimes emotional abuse is also backed by physical and even sexual abuse.

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What is ADHD | Facts, Symptoms, Treatment & Role of Parents - India Parenting Tips - To deal with common parenting is...

ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a chronic mental disorder of an individual who is charged with constant activeness and restless behavior that makes him or her extremely difficult to listen, pay attention and stop his or her impulsive behaviors and manners. This is one of the most common brain-based neurological disorder that is very common these days. In India, for example, we have more than 10 million such cases every year. I have shared some facts, symtoms, treatment of ADHD and parent's role to deal with children having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

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What is Helicopter Parenting | Consequences & ways to stop Helicopter Parenting - India Parenting Tips - To deal with...

Today helicopter parenting is no more limited to teenagers and adolescent. Even in kindergartens’ and junior schools, you may find their parents constantly helicoptering them doing more harm than helping them to grow, explore and enjoy through their learning experiences. overprotecting, Over controlling and overshadowing one's child to the extent that leaves no space for the young minds to explore and experience things in their own way and learn from them. I have mention some consequences and ways to stop helicopter parenting.

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All About Autism | Symptoms, Causes & Cure - India Parenting Tips - To deal with common parenting issues

Autism is a neurological disorder when a child faces challenges in communication, social behaviors and even nonverbal communications. The symptoms, timings, signs and severity of Autism varies from person to person, case to case. There are many factors that could be responsible for Autism spectrum disorder. Autistic child is not disabled. He is different. He is not a stereotype. He may not smile at me when I see me. That’s okay. He has a golden heart and mind and I need to have the skills to make his social interaction difficulties easy.

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What is Dyslexia | General Symptoms & Famous People with Dyslexia - India Parenting Tips - To deal with common parent...

Dyslexia can be defined as a learning and reading difficulty of an individual to interpret letters, words and numbers. That’s it. Is that a big deal? No. It has never been for me at least. I was borderline.I have mentioned some problems faced by children with reading and learning difficulties.the great Oscar winners like Robert Benton, John Irving, and Roger Ross Williams were people with dyslexia.

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What is Cyberbullying | Features, Signs, Parent's Role in Prevention of Cyberbullying - India Parenting Tips - To dea...

Cyberbullying can be defined as a form of bully which involves a negative use of electronic means of Communication and Social platforms. This could be computers, cell phones, tablets or even game consoles. Social platforms include social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, messenger, interactive games and so on. Even emails and text messages could be a source of cyberbullying. I have explained the features, signs and parent's role in prevention of cyberbullying.

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How to help your child choose a career path| 7 professional skills for high school students - India Parenting Tips - ...

[Should a parent choose the career for their child?

I have spoken to many parents and children regarding the same issue. I can understand the point of view from both sides and reached the following conclusion:

First, Parents indeed play a very crucial role in helping to choose a child's career. Their experience and expertise matter a lot in shaping and grooming a child's future. Second, Children, on the other hand, are now more aware and know what they like and dislike. Thanks for the use of the internet! They are keen and passionate to chase after their dream career. Third, when parents come in their way of passion, there the conflict arises. Either they become a 'prodigal son' or daughter or a ‘sacrificing saint’ losing all hope in worldly life. How to choose your Child's Career?
Choosing your child's career in the right way and seeing him or her success is a dream of every parent. We as parents are key influencers in shaping or child's career.
7 professional skills for making the right career choices for high school students are ..............

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6 Smart Strategies For Single Parenting - India Parenting Tips - To deal with common parenting issues

"So finally, the long-awaited decision was taken! You have finally parted ways. Whether it is circumstance or choice or a test of time, the reality is true. You are Single again. A single parent." Here are some smart single parenting strategies that proved 100% successful to implement for real-time Successful results. As little Sarah was fast asleep in her cozy bed, her mother Emily closed the reading book and kissed her forehead. Emily is now an entrepreneur of a designer jewelry store. She is a successful businesswoman and a proud mother of a beautiful daughter. She had learned her lesson to stay focused and never give up as a single parent.....

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5 Reasons How Indian Education System Spoil Your Child’s Career | Parenting Mistakes & Advice - India Parenting Tips ...

The Indian education system that we currently follow has a content way back in the 19th Century; the architecture was actually planned and implemented back in 1835 when English Education Act was passed to bridge the gap between the British and the Indian to help create more English educated Clerks. This brings us to the All-Mighty syllabus that we have now which forces children to learn and be perfect in all subjects. The Methodology of education is 20th Century designed for the Students belonging to the 21st century.

Albert Einstein once said that every individual is a genius. If we judge a fish on its capacity to climb a tree, it would believe itself as a failure in its whole life!

I have written my views and thoughts on the current education system, its fallacies & drawback and tried to come up with the mentioned rules and guidelines that every parents and teacher could follow to make a greater difference in their children’s life.......

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