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JSCAPE Managed File Transfer Solution

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Software Audits Health and Security of File Transfer Services

JSCAPE MFT Monitor audits and reports on the health and security of file transfer services. Use JSCAPE MFT Monitor for your next FTP audit.

Solving the Problem of Big Data Transfers in the Film Industry

Demonstrates how to accelerate large file transfers in the movie industry.

Managed File Transfer | Secure FTP Server | Reverse Proxy

Managed file transfer secure FTP server and reverse proxy software solutions from JSCAPE, LLC.

Managed File Transfer | FTP Server | DMZ Streaming | Load Tester

Managed file transfer software including FTP server, reverse proxy and load testing software.

Managed File Transfer | Secure FTP Server | Accelerated File Transfer | JSCAPE MFT Server

Managed File Transfer server supporting FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SCP and HTTP/S protocols. Accelerated file transfer using AFTP.

Email Large Files | Ad-Hoc File Transfer | JSCAPE MFT Server Plugin for Outlook

Email large files and perform ad-hoc file transfers using JSCAPE MFT Server Plugin for Outlook.

Reverse Proxy | Load Balancer | JSCAPE MFT Gateway

Reverse proxy and load balancer keeps sensitive data out of the DMZ while meeting PCI and HIPAA compliance requirements.

Reverse Proxy | Load Balancer | JSCAPE MFT Gateway

Reverse proxy and load balancer keeps sensitive data out of the DMZ while meeting PCI and HIPAA compliance requirements.

FTP Load Testing | FTP Audit | JSCAPE MFT Monitor

Audit and monitor file transfer services.

Emailing Large Files with Ad-Hoc File Transfers

Discusses the issues common with emailing large file attachments and how to solve them using ad-hoc file transfers in JSCAPE MFT Server.

A Faster Way to Send Big Data to the Cloud

There's a much faster way to transfer your Big Data to the cloud. Read more about it.

A Watched Pot Never Boils, or Does It?

Ben Franklin once said a watched pot never boils. How does this proverb apply to managed file transfer and FTP audits today.

How to Detect Rogue FTP Servers on your Network

Learn how to secure your network and detect possible rogue FTP services. Let JSCAPE MFT Monitor perform your next FTP audit.

How to Setup High Availability File Transfer Servers

Learn how JSCAPE MFT Gateway and JSCAPE MFT Server simplify the task of providing high availability file transfer services.

Countering Packet Sniffers Using Encrypted FTP

Learn how easily an attacker can grab usernames and passwords by sniffing an FTP connection and how they can be hidden using encrypted FTP.

Protecting Your File Transfer Service from Internal Threats

Ponemon ranks malicious insiders among the most expensive types of cyber attacks. Learn how to protect your file transfers from them.

How to Share Files with a Virtual Paralegal

Discusses the best file transfer software and protocols to use for attorneys and paralegals during eDiscovery.

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance in eDiscovery File Transfers

Files shared during eDiscovery may contain information protected by certain laws. This is how you do it within bounds of regulatory compliance.

Advantages of Using a Managed File Transfer Server During eDiscovery

File sharing is integral to any eDiscovery process. But if you're still using a regular email or FTP service to share, it's time to move on.

How MFT Server File Sharing Minimizes Potential eDiscovery Costs

Discusses how to minimize the costs of eDiscovery using Managed File Transfer software.

Introduction to Reverse Proxy Servers

Brief introduction to reverse proxy servers, what they are, why they are needed and how they work.

Regulatory Issues Affecting Transborder File Transfers

A quick guide about regulations affecting file transfers that cross national borders.

Considerations When Setting Up Your DMZ's Reverse Proxy and Firewall

Things to consider when setting up a reverse proxy and firewalls in a DMZ.

3 Crucial Components for Enterprise File Transfers

Learn about the firewall, MFT server, and reverse proxy and how you can set them up for enterprise file transfers.

Securing Network Services with a Reverse Proxy

Learn why a firewall and a reverse proxy is your internal network's best defense for secure file transfers.