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Updated by David E on May 24, 2020
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Dog Friendly Restaurants and Things to Know

These are some of the dog friendly restaurants we have visited, as well as important things to know about our four legged friends.

Is Blogging Still Relevant In 2019? - PLACES FOR PUPS

Content used to be King. Blogging was a way to share stories, ideas, and have a discussion among a community of people. Is blogging in 2019 still relevant?

You Need to Know This Before You Feed Your Pets - PLACES FOR PUPS

Find out what you should feed your pets, how much you should feed them and when they should eat, as well as how to read a food label and common ingredients.

5 Points Local - a Gluten Free, Dog Friendly Restaurant - PLACES FOR PUPS

5 Points Local is a gluten free, dog friendly restaurant near downtown San Antonio. Enjoy gluten free, vegan, or vegetarian options outside with your dog.

This is a review of the backseat dog cover we purchased from Amazon. It's definitely not the best backseat dog cover & you should think twice about buying.

Many people are wondering where to take their dog, or what to do with their dog. Here are the top 7 questions about dog friendly things with their answers.

Those who study the minds of dogs and those who live with a dog are at odds regarding the types of emotions they feel. Do dogs feel shame like us?

Is Snooze Dog Friendly? Let's Find Out - PLACES FOR PUPS

We wanted to find out if Snooze is dog friendly and this is a review of our experience at the unique breakfast joint within the Alamo Quarry in San Antonio.

John James Park and the Battle that Saved Austin - PLACES FOR PUPS

Many in San Antonio have contradictory experiences at John James Park. It is an adventurous park in which Austin was once saved during the Battle of Salado.

How to Calculate Dog Years

Use this table I created to calculate dog years and figure out how old your dog is compared to a human.

Are Dog Parks Safe?

One horrifying altercation between a couple of dogs is enough to make you wonder if dog parks are safe enough.

Dog Friendly Restaurant Serves up the Pain

We decided to head for the Pearl to find a dog friendly restaurant to eat at, but the visit turned out to be extremely painful.

Help a Dog Lose Weight Won't You?

A dog only gets as much exercise as we provide in most cases. If he has become overweight we will need to take some steps in order to help that dog lose weight.

How to Cure Dog Anxiety

We call the Mellow Shirt a "thunder wrap" because it makes thunderstorms bearable for our pup.

Here are some parks near San Antonio that exist no longer

These parks near San Antonio may have existed at one point, but are no longer accessible. Let us know if you have visited them.

Dog Friendly Restaurants in San Antonio, Hold the Bars

Most blogs feed you bars and call them dog friendly restaurants, but restaurants serve food, and we have found the ones you can bring your dog to in San Antonio.

Dog Friendly Things to do in San Antonio

Here are at least seven things to do in San Antonio everyday with your dog. Dogs need things to do too!

Why Hike off Leash with Dogs?

Hiking with dogs can be a fun and exciting experience. However, off leash hiking can lead to unsafe and undesirable situations. Why risk it?

3 Words Your Dog Loves if She is an Exercise Machine

Does a dog need an exercise machine such as a treadmill? If your dog is like mine, she will jump at the opportunity to exercise when she hears these words.