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7 Tips to Visit Wat Rong Khun - An Inside Look

If you're venturing north during your vacation in Thailand, you must not miss out on the Wat Rong Khun also known as the White Temple. This is a temple all photographers try to have in their portfolios, the architecture is that magnificent. Here are some tips to stick to when making your way to the world famous White Temple.


Come as early as possible

The temple opens sharp at 8, therefore, set your alarm for an early start. If you are taking a tuk-tuk, a taxi or even the bus, let the drivers know that you want to reach the place as early as possible. You don't want to go later on in the day, as it can get very hot and humid, and the crowds too, start coming in great numbers later on.


A cup of coffee

It's an early start, which means coffee is a must. Always opt for the local coffee blend, it's amazing. Try coffee at the Doi Chaang which usually opens by 7 You must know the coffee beans used here are grown locally in the surrounding mountains close to the temple. You can also have your breakfast here.


Transport to get to the temple

Public transport is the easiest way to reach the temple. If you're travelling from Chiang Rai, then there are buses to bring you here, which deports at platform 8 and costs you about 20 Baht. And it will take you only thirty minutes to get here. If you're travelling from Chiang Mai, again, there are many bus tours as well. There are plenty of Chiang Saen hotels, the likes of Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort, that can arrange transport to this temple.


Scooters and Tuk Tuks

Having mentioned busses earlier, you should know, the fun always lies in the local scooters and tuk-tuks. Hire a scooter for a day, or even talk to one of the tuk-tuk drivers and arrange a price for a day tour.


Clothing attire fit for the temple

Temples in Thailand require you to dress modestly. So, shorts and skirts won't be allowed. Make sure to buy a sarong on your way here. The dress code is extremely strict here. If your knees aren't covered, they might give you a sarong or skirt to cover.



Generally, tours to the White temple cover your tickets. Thus, ask your tour operators beforehand what costs are covered as part of the package. However, if you're travelling privately, then you can buy tickets at the front. For foreigners, tickets are priced at 50 Baht.


Opening times

Like it was aforementioned, the temple opens by 8 and closes at 5 p.m., every day. Always make it to the temple early to avoid crowds and the heat. Besides, always make sure to visit the temple during the weekdays. Weekends are extremely busy. As the temple is visited by thousands of people almost every day, it will be wise to arrive before the opening times and stand in the queue to get the tickets. Temples are meant to be serene and tranquil, thus, always avoid busy times to truly enjoy the vibes of the temple.