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AlGeeks: A Place for Technology Geeks and Professionals

This is a list for those who are technology lovers, here you'll get the posts about latest technology news, technology trends, and updates.

How to Customize the Pardot Lightning App for Your Business

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How Salesforce is making Einstein Voice a customizable voice assistant for today's mobile workers and data-hungry bus...

At TrailheaDX 2019, Salesforce's Michael Machado spoke with TechRepublic about the unique challenges of building Einstein Voice Assistant within the company's highly-customizable platform.

22 Practical Tips To Test Automation With Selenium WebDriver

We will share with you some key tips for Selenium automation testing, that touch upon aspects of code optimization, performance improvements, dynamic web-page loading, handling CSS and HTML code, etc.

How to Optimize Your Social Media Posts for Search Engines

Almost half of the planet’s population use at least one social network. That's why search engines care and why you should optimise your social media posts.

Best cloud office suite of 2019

Here we list some of the biggest and best, and most powerful, cloud office suites that are currently available. There are familiar names listed, such as Microsoft and Apple, as you would expect, but also other feature-rich products that are also worth considering as you move to working in the cloud.

Best travel apps for summer: recipes, podcasts, cheap gas and travel

From podcasts and recipes to global scavenger hunts and quirky roadside attractions, these iPhone and Android apps can help you kickstart summer.

Salesforce Blockchain improves the Power of CRM

The combination of Salesforce's CRM workflows with blockchain data will allow companies to create new business processes and models that span their entire organization to help accelerate the speed of business...

18 Tools You Must Try For Taking Screenshots

There are many third party editing tools available to annotate our snippets each having their own uses in a business workflow. But when we have to take screenshots, we get confused which tool to use. To solve this dilemma we have come up with a curated list of top 18 tools that will help you to take screenshots.

Google's hyperlocal social networking app Shoelace aims to connect people with common interests | Computing

Google is testing a new social media platform, called Shoelace, intended to encourage people to connect with others based on their shared interests.

The network is currently invitation-only and is being rolled out only in New York. Depending on the popularity of the platform, Google may roll it out for more people in other cities across the US (or may be in other countries as well) - or, equally likely, just close it down again.

IE Mode now works in Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge browser

The feature allows you to open a webpage in an Internet Explorer tab within the Edge browser itself. You'll need to enable a flag called 'Enable IE Integration' first, and then when you have a page open, you can go to More tools -> Show this page using Internet Explorer to change the tab you're in.

Microsoft adds Internet Explorer mode to Chromium Edge, announces roadmap

Microsoft had to consider businesses' addiction to Internet Explorer 11 in its roadmap for Edge Enterprise, the business aspect of its new web browser based on Google's Chromium project.

Top 19 Chrome Extensions For Developers & Designers In 2019

Here are the top 19 Chrome extensions for developers & designers, meticulously crafted to boost your productivity, so you could build better websites, faster!

Google Spent Years Studying Effective Bosses. Now They Teach New Managers These 6 Things

The transition to management requires a transformation of thought.
Through the company's Re:Work website, a resource that shares Google's perspective on people operations, Google posted this training presentation in hopes that it could benefit all.

Artificial Intelligence For Good - Also Makes Business Sense

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to do a lot of good in the world. In this post we look at how AI has been used to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges and why doing so is also good for business.

How to save cellular data on your iPhone in 6 easy ways

If you're traveling or have a limited data plan, you'll definitely want to take these steps to save data on your iPhone and avoid extra charges.

Test Automation Using Pytest and Selenium WebDriver

This extensive tutorial takes you through the ins and outs of using Selenium WebDriver in conjunction with the pytest framework as a powerful testing tool.

How Often Should You Redesign Your Website?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking about your current website and whether it truly meets your needs or not. A website redesign isn’t always something that a business or organization wants to do, but often is a matter of necessity. Whether your site has grown long in the tooth or simply isn’t performing as well as you like, it may be time to finally move ahead with your revamp.

Interesting things to know About Creators of Face App

The Face App is currently support for iOS and Android, and the Russian company who created this application is still unknown and mysterious to many people. Therefore, recently, the company made headlines regarding the privacy issues related to the app. Therefore, keeping everything aside, here are some things you would like to know about the creators of Face App.

Good news, fake news: The media’s fight for encryption – and against misinformation

According to reports, senior figures in the Trump administration held a meeting last month to consider whether to pursue legislation outlawing end-to-end encryption on US-made messaging apps.

While the ultimate outcome of the meeting is yet to be seen, it brings to light a serious question that we all - governments, consumers and businesses - need to ask ourselves: what do we lose when private messaging is truly private?

On the one hand, end-to-end encryption means that private messaging conversations aren’t able to be subjected to government surveillance, data harvesting and the sort of targeted advertising that has become pervasive and a little creepy.

What Are the Ways You Should Follow to Find Investors for Your Startup?

To get funded, it becomes necessary for you to locate investors. While trying to raise money, you will have the opportunity to talk to forty to fifty investors and get to know their ideas, on how they work. To develop your company you need well-crafted pitch and quality ideas which is why it becomes important to find successful investors, for your startup, with realistic business plans and intense research, who don’t come without due diligence.

Selenium Waits: Implicit, Explicit, Fluent And Sleep | LambdaTest

Selenium waits for page load play an important part in your Selenium scripts. They help to make them less flaky and more reliable. Selenium provides multiple waits to provide adequate wait or pause in your script execution based on certain conditions. Thereby ensuring you don’t end up getting failed scripts as you perform automation testing with Selenium. In this tutorial, we will be explaining the types of Selenium waits and sleep, there real-time examples and a comparison study on them. Let us start by answering a pivotal question “Why should we use Selenium waits?”

Could chip-sized atomic clocks replace GPS?

DARPA said three teams in its ACES program have made progress in developing highly accurate chip-sized atomic clocks.

7 Major Components of Website’s Functionality Checklist

Websites are complicated. Hence, it is quite a common concern that many aspects get overlooked. It can be a misspelled word, broken link or consistency. Needless to say, there are plenty of things that can go wrong or place in an inappropriate order.

Linking Sales And Marketing In A Data-Oriented World

In the field of sales and marketing, data plays an important role. It helps in analyzing which content is very important for sales and business growth. Data helps in improving investments in Customer Relationships Management systems. It also helps in increasing conversion rates, revenue, and customer lifetime value. Data offers insights into how to reduce customer acquisition costs, customer lifetime value and also help in running a cloud-based business. Data has been beneficial in increasing and improving the quality of sales leads, territory planning and improving the accuracy of prospecting list.

Cross Browser Testing Tools

LambdaTest is one of the top-performing cross-browser testing tools that allows you to perform automated cross-browser testing for your website or web application across the combination of 2000+ browser versions and operating systems.