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Naw Experiences

Naw is an online platform where you can find and book water adventure in unique places in Mexico. Here at our website, you can get the best experiences for adventures such as diving, snorkeling, freedive and ecotourism. We have an experienced team to guide you through these adventures. We also provide on-demand customer support services to assist you through the journey.

Cancun - The Best Place for watching Whale Sharks

Swimming with whale sharks in Cancun is one of the stunning experiences one can have. This wonderful animal can grow to the length of 12m. Despite having an enormous size, this animal is gentle and beautiful. The whale shark 2019 season is going to start on May 15th and end on September 15th. So, if you are in Cancun, don't miss this experience.

El mejor servicio de buceo en Playa del Carmen en 2019

No te pierdas ninguna de las maravillas del buceo en Playa del Carmen de la actualidad. No importa si no tienes experiencia, los mejores instructores te enseñaran todo lo necesario para que vivas una experiencia inolvidable en playa del Carmen.

Best Snorkeling Packages In Tulum For Adventure Seekers

Looking for snorkeling in Tulum? Snorkeling can easily add thrill and excitement to your trip to Tulum. Before getting this experience, you must join the best snorkeling classes to learn the snorkeling basics and security tips. The beaches of Tulum are also known for large groups of sea turtles. Book your package now.

A call for adventure with snorkeling in Cancun!

The snorkeling in Cancun will be made fun when you get to swim with the turtles and enjoy the tour over a shipwreck. Doesn’t it sound interesting? If, yes, you must know that this is the top quality Cancun snorkeling tour where you can get all your family and friends even if they are non-swimmers or beginners.

Mexico comprises numerous surprises for adventure enthusiasts who are looking for something challenging. From the magnificent ruins of Mayan culture to exciting beaches of Cancun, everything keeps you super excited. If you are a beach lover & want to enjoy marine life from a new perspective, it is advisable to visit Cancun beach once in a lifetime.

Scuba Diving Cancun Safety – A Guide on Safe Scuba Practices

Diving can be one of the most entertaining leisure sports you have ever done. However, before going to dive, you must understand that diving involves its own risks. Diving accidents with death or serious injuries are rare. Sometimes you can hear about events so unfortunate that a diver loses his life. It makes you want to stop and think.

Conéctate con la mejor experiencia de buceo en Tulum, perfecta para los novatos

Participa en esta genial experiencia de buceo en uno de los mejores destinos de todo México. Esta experiencia de buceo en Tulum es perfecta para cualquier persona que no sea experto. Además, podrás explorar toda la belleza en las aguas de Casa Cenote.

Lo mejor de la experiencia de nado con el tiburón ballena

Cancún es uno de los
mejores lugares para los aficionados al buceo. Existen muchas opciones para que
los turistas y locales se sumerjan a explorar bajo sus aguas. Entre ellas, el
nado con tiburón ballena destaca como una de las mejores.

Scuba Diving Playa Del Carmen For Beginners

Scuba Diving in Playa Del Carmen is the best for beginners. It is important for a first-timer to receive proper training before heading to the sea. In a complete course, you learn about the basics of scuba diving, scuba diving gears, safety precaution and practice in the supervision of an instructor.


There are many great scuba diving sites in Mexico attracting thousands of tourists every year. For many of them, scuba diving is the only reason for visiting Mexico.

Planning of Sian Ka'an Tours!

A Sian Ka'an Tours plan is always destined to fail if you’re leaving the things on only two travelers. It is basically a group trip so one needs to accommodate as many members as you want for it.

La increíble experiencia de visitar la Isla Contoy desde Cancún

Todo turista sabe que el Mar Caribe está repleto de belleza, sobre todo cuando se trata de sus playas. A pesar de ello, es habitual que el hombre desmejore esa belleza natural debido a la contaminación, por lo que parte de su atractivo se pierde con el tiempo. Sin embargo, desde Cancún aún se puede visitar un lugar que se mantiene puro, y que muestra la belleza natural del Caribe en todo su esplendor. Hablamos de nada más y nada menos de visitar la Isla Contoy, la última isla virgen del Caribe mexicano.

Atrévete a vivir un tour inolvidable por la Isla Contoy e Isla Mujeres

Las hermosas Islas Contoy e Isla Mujeres te esperan en una de las mejores experiencias de playa de todo México. Un full-day repleto de belleza y divertidas actividades harán de esta una de las mejores experiencias de tu vida.

It’s Time to Snorkel with Whale Sharks from La Paz

Do you love snorkeling and looking for the perfect adventure online? We got you covered! Here, you can book your package to enjoy snorkeling with the whale sharks from La Paz! We are known for providing the best snorkeling and other water adventure packages. Contact us today to book your tour!

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Tulum, Mexico

Tulum is a destination on everyone’s fingertips right now. There’s a whole tourist full and rich bloom in this unspoilt beach town where you can grab a slice of the action even before it becomes as commercial as in Cancun.

Top 10 Ways Kitesurfing Is Good For You

For most of the adventure seekers, kiteboarding is a cool, extreme sport. This also gives them an excuse to show how back roll, front roll, nuclear grab, raley, S-bend, KGB and other cool freestyle kitesurfing tricks are done like a champ. However, kitesurfing is also a great body and mind activity.

The Tour Of Swimming With Whale Sharks La Paz

Are you going to La Paz? There are many picturesque vantage points several islands in the background. If you are a wildlife lover, it will be nothing less than a paradise for and touch the world’s largest fish! It has a once in a lifetime opportunity and you definitely do not want to miss it.

Find Whale Shark Tour in Cancun at Best Price

Want to make the most of your weekend or plan a getaway with your buddies? Why not plan a whale shark tour in Cancun for an exhilarating trip! We are there to provide you with the best whale shark tours you will ever experience! Explore the underwater life like never before with whale sharks!

The Complete Guide to Scuba Diving in Cancun

Ask travelers and beach lovers about Cancun, and they will describe the Mexican city as a beautiful Caribbean playground. From gorgeous beaches to luxury hotels and vibrant nightlife, there are a plethora of things that make it an amazing place that oozes relaxation.

Beauty Guide - 5 Convincing Reasons to Consider a Facelift

Beauty is not defined ONLY by the way you look, but your overall appearance is surely affected. So if you have a problem with your current facial structure, or you feel there’s something missing – a facelift surgery might help!

Time to go for a whale shark tour in Cancun!

The whale shark tour in Cancun is one of the most exhilarating things for the adventure seekers. If you’re fond of the whale sharks and aquatic life, then this is the right page for you. Try out this amazing adventure for all the fun in your life.

All You Need to Know About Snorkeling in Cancun

Snorkeling is fun when you are aware of the best place to perform the activity. If you are in Mexico, Cancun is a region to consider for your snorkeling tour. There are multiple sites in Cancun that can turn the activity into an underwater trip to remember for life.

Snorkeling is fun when you are aware of the best place to perform the activity. If you are in Mexico, Cancun is a region to consider for your snorkeling tour.

Add emotion to your vacations doing kitesurf in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is extremely famous among adventure lovers for its water activities. For beginners and experienced individuals, kitesurf in Playa del Carmen is a fun activity. A good company offers cost-effective packages with full equipment and an IKO instructor. Choose the best company and kitesurf with your loved ones.

Know the Best Deals of Kitesurf in Playa Del Carmen | Naw

Playa Del Carmen comes first in mind, when it comes to kitesurfing. Kitesurfing is one of the top spots. Naw helps you to book kitesurf in Playa Del Carmen without drilling your pocket. Visit our official website to get know more about kitesurfing and other adventurous activities in Playa Del Carmen.