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8 Possible Causes for Foot Pain

Two little travelers that can carry us for miles perform hard labor every day. We’re speaking about our feet. Do we ever thank them for what they do for us with proper care, hygiene, careful attitude? Some of us do, but many others take everything they do for granted and face problems in the future.




Feet may hurt due to so many factors, both internal and external. Sometimes you just need to change the shoes to relieve the pain, sometimes a full body diagnostic is necessary to reveal and treat its true cause. A podiatrist can recommend what other specialists to visit.

Below are the most common causes of foot pain that become a matter of complaint from people of different ages. This information should make you think about your lifestyle issues that may have caused such an effect or visit a specialist to diagnose possible illnesses.

Causes for Foot Pain


High heels

This is one of the most common causes of foot pain in women. The heels that are higher than 6.5 cm significantly increase the pressure in the lower part of the foot, so the strain over it is out of balance. This overwhelms the ligaments and muscles of the foot. You can wear a pair of your favorite stilettos occasionally but it’s totally not an option to wear daily.


Shoes with narrow toe

Narrow toes in footwear provoke the development of bursitis due to the deformation of the foot undergoes in such shoes. This condition can be treated and it won’t return if you stop wearing such style of shoes.


Poor choice of footwear

Poor quality and wrong sized shoes can negatively affect your feet. If you don’t want your occasional foot pain to develop into serious health conditions, you should choose your footwear properly - with consideration of your foot’s specialties.


No stretching and warming-up

If you are an active sportsperson, you need to get your body prepared to train and help it relax after a workout. Without this step, you can have such injuries as a ligament tear or plantar fasciitis. Don’t miss warm-ups and stretching no matter how short of time you may be.


Weight fluctuations

If you have you gained or lost significant weight, this affects our body in general. Footwear that was perfectly comfortable before, may become uncomfortable for your new weight. Uncomfortable footwear, as it was mentioned above, causes problems. So, a weight change is not only a time to change your clothes but your footwear as well.



Any autoimmune disease causes problems with the blood supply that leads to pain in limbs and may even become a trigger for infection. Check your blood sugar if you can't find any cause for the pain in your lifestyle.


Individual issues

People may have differently shaped feet that are not always proportional and are able to provide a proper weight distribution. In the cases, when any pair of shoes becomes torture, you should visit a podiatrist and consult about a prescription for orthotics.


Ingrown toenails

If you are careless with your pedicure, you may encounter such a problem as an ingrown toenail - the edge of the toenail that grows into your toe skin. The toenails should be trimmed properly, not very short and without rounded edges to prevent such a problem.

Have you found your problem here? If not, maybe it’s time to make an appointment with a podiatrist and find out what’s wrong with your feet.