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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 16, 2024
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Most Mouth-Watering Desserts in Abu Dhabi – Enchant Your Taste-Buds

The alluring range of desserts in Abu Dhabi is more than exciting treats; from date dips to delights drenched in sugary syrups, the range is quite – mouth-watering. So, if you are planning a trip to Dubai, get ready pen and paper and make a note of the following sweet treats.


The Semolina Dish – Sagao

A very traditional sweet treat, Sagao is made with semolina, ghee, cardamom, saffron and loads of sugar. A jelly-like a dish, Sagao is a staple during Ramadan and best tasted paired with a steaming hot cup of traditional Arabic coffee. The best place to savour traditional sweets is to enjoy a meal at an Abu Dhabi restaurant, preferably one located on rustic Sir Bani Yas Island; focusing on traditional Emirati cuisine, guests at Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara will have easy access to Arabic restaurants serving a range of traditional sweet delights.


A Pumpkin Treat – Aseeda Boubar

The name Boubar translates to pumpkin in Arabic and this dish is quite the treat. A thick molasses-like dessert, Aseeda Boubar is made by cooking the pumpkin in sugar, saffron, cardamoms, ghee and wheat. The thick syrupy dessert which forms is eaten with a sprinkling of almonds and dates on top – more than satisfying for your taste-buds!


Emirati Pancakes – Jebab Bread

You must try the Emirati take on pancakes while enjoying a stay at an Abu Dhabi resort. Jebab Bread is made with wheat, eggs, milk and sugar; the Arabic twist comes from the spices, which consists of saffron soaked in cardamoms and rose water. The perfect sweet treat for breakfast, the pancakes can be eaten with chocolate, honey or your favourite fruit.


A Twist to a Traditional Dish - Dates Khabeesa

Adding a subtle twist to the traditional Khabeesa dessert, dates added to the traditional ingredients of sugar, wheat and water create a sweeter version, Best of all you can personalise the dish to suit your taste-buds, try it with pistachio powder, coconut shavings or anything else you fancy appropriate.


Very Traditional Bitheeth

An ever-popular Emirati sweet treat, Bitheeth is simple yet very tasty. Made with dates, wheat, ghee and Arabic spices the modern version is often enhanced with ground nuts and even cornflakes for a crunchy treat. The dish is thought of as a winter warmer and comfort food, often eaten during the cold season since the dish is known to have nutritious values such as warming and energising the body. Bitheeth is so traditional and popular for its nutritious qualities that it is often gifted at baby showers and also to people just married.


Ice Cream Macaroons Anyone?

And who would say no! Head over to Meylas and treat yourself to the wonderful new world of ice cream and macaroons, giving a whole new meaning to the concept of cookies and cream. The dish is made with ice cream wedged between two macaroons; the flavours are absolutely divine with the likes of pistachio, baklava, rose petal, camel milk, Madjoul date and roasted saffron on the menu.