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Best Herbal Teas in Sri Lanka – Curative Drinks

Sri Lankan Ayurveda promotes a healthy style of living with benefits to mind, body and soul; and since herbs were the first medicine of man, many Sri Lankans still practise this ancient holistic form of obtaining nutrition from plants. Here's a look at the best herbal teas on the island.


The World Recognised Ceylon Tea

Ceylon tea is drunk across the world and has carved a niche amongst all discerning tea drinkers. An art introduced by the British colonists, tea drinking is a staple in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka produces both black and green tea; the many health benefits offered by tea are justified by the presence of flavonoids and antioxidants in it. In fact, the level of antioxidants in tea are higher than those found in vegetables and fruits and are linked to offering relief from a disease such as Alzheimer's. For those of you travelling to Sri Lanka, there are beautiful hotels in Nuwara Eliya offering one stays amidst lush tea plantations; many like Heritance Tea Factory, are even based in refurbished tea factories.


Aerva Lanata

Locally known as Polpala, this herbal tea is a favoured drink in the mornings. Popular in Ayurveda recipes, this tea is known for its curative powers for indigestion, cough and kidney stones. Polpala is also used to treat diabetes and some urinary disease. While the water creates a nutritious medicinal drink the leaves are used as a paste to treat skin eruptions and are even cooked and eaten as a vegetable salsa.


Cassia Auriculata

This pretty yellow flower has been a popular herbal tea for many decades in Sri Lanka. The caffeine-free drink is lauded for its many benefits as a solution for diabetes, clearing the complexion and loss of sexual virility. Locally known as ranawara the herb is even popular in Africa and is used to treat eye disease, body aches and venereal disease.


Aegle Narmelos

A very popular type of fruit tree called belli in Sri Lanka, Aegle Narmelos refers to the flowers of this tree. The tea made from the flowers is fragrant, invigorating and promise to freshen the breath. The tea made from belimal (as the flowers are called) is useful to stop palpitations, vomiting and bowel disorders. The pulp from the fruit too is used to treat toddlers of both constipation and diarrhoea.



Gotukola or Centalla asiatica is a green leaf which when cut up and infused in hot water creates a very nutritious tea. The common herb is often grown in home gardens or even in any little space available. A trusted remedy for treating worm disease in children, gotukola is also noted as a remedy for improving brain health and as a treatment for catarrh.


Myla Flower

The tea made from Myla Flower is more popular amongst Buddhist monks in rural Sri Lanka than the traditional black tea. Scientifically known as wood fordia fruticosa this herbal tea is popular amongst Ayurveda followers for its many benefits and delicious taste.