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Guitar Lessons For Acoustic And Electric

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Guitar Strings Names

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Guitar Notes Chart For Beginners

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Guitar Tuner - Free - Apps on Google Play

Check Out This Guitar Tuner App Available on Google Play Now!

Do you enjoy playing the guitar but find that tuning your instrument is a tedious and frustrating process? Have you thought about learning how to play but are unsure about what gear you need for success? No matter where you are on your musical journey, you could certainly benefit from a good guitar tuner app. Finding the easiest way to tune your guitar can make a big difference in your desire to play music.

Until recently, there were only two ways that you could tune your guitar. The first was to use a piano to make sure that each string was making the correct note. Alternatively, portable tuners could be used. While certainly easier to carry around than a piano, these little devices have problems, not the least of which is how easily they can become lost or misplaced.

However, you likely have no problem keeping track of your smartphone. That is why this guitar tuner app available on Google Play is such a fantastic idea for you to use. You can purchase it absolutely free and you will have it no matter where you go. No more needing to pack something extra in your gear when you want to take your guitar out with you.

Guitarist Made

One of the reasons that this little app is so great is that real guitarists were involved in the creation. Real guitarists who understand the true needs of their comrades came up with the design and features. Not only do they understand the frustration of lugging around unwanted equipment, they also know the unique concerns guitarists face when tuning their instruments and address those in the state of the art display.

Learn Good Tone

Before you start to play an instrument, it should be in tune. The frequency an instrument should be tuned by depends on many factors. A quick check before playing in front of a crowd, or even for practice, will tell if your instrument needs work first.

Although you might be tempted to think that it won't matter as long as you are close, that is not the case. You see, your brain is learning by what you hear when playing. You want perfectly clear tone so your mind and ear learn to recognize perfection rather than "good enough."

Accurate Pitch

One of the reasons that you are going to fall in love with this app is the incredible amount of accuracy. The display will show within 1/100th of a semitone, which will allow you to get an amazingly clear note once you have properly tuned your guitar. As you learn how to hear the sounds better, your speed and accuracy will improve.

Fabulous Display

The display for the app is very easy to understand and use. While some programs have awkward user interfaces, the UI on this is sleek and modern. Very intuitive to use, you will be very impressed with how easy it is to switch between different modes of use and to find exactly what you need to know for each string on your guitar.

The settings let you choose which of the six standard strings you want to tune. You can get your reading in multiple ways, including cents. However, that is not enough for many folks. So, would you prefer to tune your guitar by reading the frequency? That is one of the options that you have when you are working with this fabulous free app.

In addition to seeing the frequency of the note you are playing, you can have the app display your target frequency. This way, you will be able to see when you are getting closer so you can adjust your moves accordingly.

When playing the guitar, there are lots of things that you need to learn about. For instance, it can be difficult to tell if you are playing your instrument too loudly or too quietly. However, this app has a reading that will help you out with that. The built-in mic display has an input level indicator that you can use along with the other features to make sure you are getting the best sound possible from your instrument.

Learn Guitar Chords & Scales - Apps on Google Play

If you are interested in learning how to play great guitar chords, then this app is for you! Take a look at all of the features that come with it, and you will want to download it now:

Simplest Guitar Chords App

When it comes to learning how to play chords or guitar tabs on your guitar, this is hands down the simplest app. You can learn how to play all of the chords in multiple ways with this app. The incredibly easy to understand lessons make it so easy for you to go through and learn, whether from scratch or as a current guitar student.

Learn Fingering for All Guitar Chords with tabs

One of the reasons that this is the best guitar app around is that you can learn to finger for all of the chords, not just a select few. The app includes guitar tabs with instructions for the correct finger position and the various configurations to make the chords.

You see, different notes can be combined to make a chord. You might find that changing from a middle C to one octave higher is used in some songs. By gaining the knowledge of how to make all of the possible combinations, you will be ready!

As a result, you will be able to play the chords for practically any song out there and sound just right! While other programs often only include a few options, this one gives you the full set!

All Chords Have Authentic Sounds

When you are learning how to play an instrument of any type, one of the most important things is to know what the correct sound is. Otherwise, you might memorize out of tune notes! Fortunately for you, the app makers of this fantastic guitar chord instructional thought of this for you.

Each of the chords includes authentic sounds. This way, your ear will be trained to recognize the correct sounds, thus enhancing all of your lessons. Over time, you will know exactly what your instrument should sound like with each of the chords.

Scales with All Roots

While playing chords is an important part of playing the guitar, understanding and playing the scales is a vital lesson for being able to efficiently move around the instrument and create the desired sounds. As such, this lesson plan app includes scales for you to learn.

And, you will get instruction with all roots, not just a few. By becoming comfortable with all of the major and minor scales, you will find that it improves your playing as well as your comprehension of music and your instrument. This lesson is just the thing you need to get you there!

Great Visual Display for Notes Across the Fretboard

In order to understand notes and scales, it is vital that you know where the various notes within a scale are located. To that end, the creators have made a fabulous display that will show every instance of the notes across the fretboard.

Each of the three (usually) notes that are in the scale is represented several times on the fretboard. By seeing all of them and learning the various combinations, you will enhance your knowledge of music in beautiful ways! Instead of just having to imagine it, this visual will make an incredible difference in your ability to grasp all of the fantastic information packed into this app.

Sounds with Scales

And, just like with the chords, you will get to hear perfectly coordinated sounds with each of the scales lessons. As such, you will know what the scale should sound like on your guitar to ensure that you are mimicking it properly.

Perfect for Beginner and Intermediate Players

If you have never picked up a guitar before, then this is the app for you. For those who consider themselves beginners or intermediate players, this app has a lot to offer. Unless you can already play all of the chords and scales by heart, you will benefit from having and using this free guitar app!

Now, with all of these features, you would think that there is a price to pay for this app. But, it is free! So, why not give it a try?