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05 Must Do's in Hoi An – Vintage City of Vietnam

One of Vietnam's most treasured vintage towns, Hoi An is loved for its charm, historical architecture and beautiful nights which are lit up with the light of a hundred lanterns. There are many things you can do in Hoi An, including tasting the delicious food; read on for a precise list of must do's.


Explore the UNESCO Heritage Sites

The ancient port town is home to a recognised UNESCO World Heritage Site, which preserves the town's reputation as an important trading port in the 15th and 19th centuries. As a result of its trading past, Hoi An is today home to a delicious mix of culture and traditions; hence, a walk around the well preserved old town is not to be missed, since you get to savour the various cultures influenced by Chinese, French, Japanese and Vietnamese traditions and customs. Make sure you book a good Hoi An hotel that is in close proximity to these iconic sites, that can be visited for a fee. The purchase of a 24-hour ticket, allows you to tour the place over a course of two days. The entrance charge fee is used for the upkeep of the quarter.


Enjoy the Sights of Pretty Lanterns

The old town is fascinating enough to explore during the day but transforms into a magical fairyland by night, which is why you need to reserve that 24-hour pass and visit the place after sunset. Hundreds of colourful lanterns adorn the buildings lining the streets and are indeed a pretty festive sight to enjoy. Besides, the climate too is much cooler at night, making your walk a very pleasant affair; guests at Anantara Hoi An Resort will find the old town is only 5 minutes away and too good to resist for an after dinner stroll.


Savour a White Rose

While touring Hoi An you will spend lots of time enjoying the local food, and while the popular Vietnamese dishes like pho are available in plenty, you must try a local favourite and traditional food called 'White Rose'. No, it's not literally a white rose, but a type of prawn dumpling made with a very thin translucent dough which is both delicious and easy to eat. Explore the lovely Hoi An restaurants and charming cafés, especially around the old town, where oldies are seen sipping Vietnamese coffee and having a chat, find one serving white rose and other favourites, sit back relax and enjoy your meal.


Tour the Town in a Cyclo

The Old Town is closed to cars, and indeed walking is the best way to explore all the vintage charms of the place. But for times you want a break from the heat, hail a 'cyclo' and let the cyclist take you on a relaxed sightseeing tour along the narrow streets of the vintage quarter. Cyclo's are a type of bicycle style rickshaw which can be seen in just about all top Vietnamese towns.


Enjoy Silk Shopping and buy a Tailored Suit

Silk products are very popular in Hoi An, having perfected the art over the centuries and if you are willing to splurge there are some exquisite clothing items you can purchase, made from 100% silk. Hoi an is also famous for cheap tailoring, the skilled tailors are able to turn out perfectly fitting suits in a matter of hours, and really it's an offer too good to miss; make sure to visit a shop with a good reputation.