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05 Tips for First Time Travellers to Maldives – How to Enjoy Paradise!

The Maldives is an archipelago of over 1000 islands. The place is also utterly luxurious and a 100% Muslim nation. So, how do you enjoy the archipelago, not offend the locals and take back exotic memories; do read on for tips, first-timers to the Maldives must know.


Do Splurge to Enjoy

The Maldives is well known as a luxurious holiday destination, and indeed it is. Beautiful private resorts spread across their very own islands, offering all the luxuries of paradise for you to savour, and it would be a pity to miss out on this experience. So, save as much as you can to arrive with deep pockets in the Maldives. Choose a resort in the Maldives offering an all-inclusive experience; most places similar to Anantara Veli Maldives Resort not only pamper guests with in-house spas and themed restaurants but go the length to make their stay magical. Some resorts offer over charming water villas, while the best Maldives bungalow will be those offering a quintessential experience, complete with your own private pool and sun terrace. Bottom line – splurge to savour and indulge.


Explore the Local Neighbourhoods

Don't stick to the confines of your Maldives resort, no matter how alluring and comfortable the place is; today visitors are allowed to explore the inhabited islands which are home to the locals. You can book a day trip or even an overnight trip for a very exciting experience of a foreign culture. Stay and savour the traditional dance and drum beats known as bodu beru and spend the night lost in conversation savouring the lovely sweet and savoury snacks known as hedikhaa; best of all you get to see how the simple islanders live.


Avoid Alcohol Outside your Resort

It is prohibited to bring alcohol into the Maldives; likewise, you cannot consume it outside of your resort. But alcohol is served and permitted within your Maldives hotel as well as the live-aboard yachts. However, in order to respect local customs and laws, do not attempt to consume liquor outside of the permitted areas.


Be Modest in your Dress

As a Muslim nation, the Maldivians are very conservative in their attire; while you may dress as you wish on your resort in the Maldives, you cannot wear revealing clothing outside. Strive to respect locals and offend none in order to enjoy a hassle free holiday. Also, take along a shawl, long skirt or pants to wear when visiting mosques, as it is required for females to cover their head, and both genders to have shoulders and knees covered.


Be Eco- Friendly

The Maldives islands are located at a bare minimum when it comes to sea level heights. The highest point in the country is only 8 feet; plus the islands rely heavily on protection from the coral reefs, hence, your part is to protect as much of this fragile eco-system as you can. Choose activities which do not impact the environment and do your part to produce minimal waste and limit energy consumption, thus protecting the sparse natural resources as much as possible.