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Top Thrilling Water Sports in Sri Lanka – Island of Thrills

Sri Lanka is an island, a pearl sitting right smack in the middle of the Indian Ocean. And while swimming in the warm waters is a number one lure, the island is noted for its variety of thrills across the glistening sea, lagoons and rivers. Listed are some you must try when holidaying in paradise.


River Boat Tours

The island is blessed with a large number of rivers, flowing serenely into the waiting arms of the Indian Ocean. Anyone staying along the coast will be lured by the eco-friendly tours taking you across lagoons and glistening lakes. Savour wild mangrove forests, verdant banks, tiny islets dotting the waters, exotic water animals and lifestyles centred on the river and its many fascinating lures.


Surfing in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka offers some world class surf locations, and places like Tangalle on the south coast offer breaks all year through. Resort surfing is very popular with places like Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort, striving to let beginners enjoy the thrills of riding a wave. Calm lagoons are used to teach you the basics while the comforts of Sri Lanka luxury resorts are there to soothe you at the end of your thrilling day chasing the perfect break. If you are visiting Tangalle, check out the 'Road Surfari' tours offering you a chance to surf at some of the islands best points.


Wind Surfing in Sri Lanka

Similar to surfing, windsurfing too requires you to master the art of balancing on a board as the wind whips your hair and the crashing waves drive you with maddening force. The milder winds along the south coast are perfect for beginners to get the hang of this art, while seasoned windsurfers can visit the west coast for showing off stunts and enjoying the thrills of this fabulous sport.


Snorkelling in Sri Lanka

The coast of Sri Lanka is blessed with verdant reefs, and snorkelling is one of the most popular water sports on the island. Easy to take-on by anyone who knows to swim, the pretty coral reefs along the west, south and eastern coasts of Sri Lanka are home to a variety of reef fish and other marine life.


SUP - Stand Up Paddleboarding in Sri Lanka

The calm conditions of lagoons surrounding hotels in Tangalle make SUP a sought out a water sport. Noted for its calming nature and as a great core-workout, the water sport is perfect for enjoying views of the shoreline and spotting the marine life.


Wakeboarding Thrills in Sri Lanka

Riding a skateboard – on the water is exactly the type of thrill wakeboarding offers. The board is towed across the water via a speedboat, giving you a chance to practise balance and maybe even some stunts.


Jet Skiing in Sri Lanka

Jet skiing is very popular, especially along the south coast of Sri Lanka. The perfect adrenaline pumping water sport, jet skiing lets you savour the thrill of all the vessels power in your hands. Make sure to enjoy the sport under the supervision of an expert.