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5 Best Places to visit in Mozambique - For a truly incredible vacation!

Mozambique is an East African destination that has been getting a lot of attention lately. There are many attractions to see when in Mozambique, and here's a list of the best.



Maputo is a popular capital city on the African continent. This city offers its dwellers and visitors some epic Mediterranean architectural feats, streets lined with tall trees and also amazing beaches. On top of that, the history of the city is a truly interesting find. Right at the centre of the city, lies an old town called Baixa. In here, there is a history museum and numerous restaurants and cafes you can check out. The port of Maputo is also another significant structure of East Africa. The bustling markets, colonial architecture, and exquisite cuisine, all make Maputo a true tourist hub. For accommodation, you can choose from many Mozambique resorts, the likes of Anantara Medjumbe Island Resort, which is located to some of the main attractions of Mozambique.


Uembje Lagoon

Bilene is a beach town that you need to pay a visit to. In here, is the most popular Uembje Lagoon. This lagoon is a long stretch of sand dunes that runs for about twenty-seven kilometres, and it's around eight kilometres wide. The shores of the lagoon are lined with magnificent white sandy beaches and green vegetation. Thus, the place is ideal for any snorkelling and swimming, you have in mind. You can also try kayaking, windsurfing and kite skiing, among other water sports.



The Inhambane in an ancient settlement that traces its way back up to a millennium. This coastal settlement offers its visitors some amazing colonial architecture and street and avenues that are lined with trees just beside the tropical tranquil waterside. You can enjoy cafes, shopping and the local markets among many other activities.


Lake Niassa

The Lake Niassa is the eighth biggest lake in the planet and is also referred to as Lake Malawi. The Mozambique side of the lake, is actually less developed, offering visitors a very peaceful time. The shores here are unspoilt and has immaculate white beaches and magnificent forests. The lake waters house more than five hundred fish species. The Lake Niassa, therefore, offers its visitors a relaxing holiday where you can also opt to try an array of water sports.


The Bazaruto Archipelago

The Bazaruto Archipelago comprises of six islands. This is an absolute haven among the avid divers. The crystal-clear quality of the waters here boasts of an incredible marine life. To unearth these underwater treasures, one has to go on a diving expedition. The archipelago is well known around the world as one of the awesome spots for diving. The seas here is home whales, dolphins, turtles and so much more. With its popularity among marine life, this archipelago was made into a Marine national park in order to ensure the safety and protection of these wonderful species and habitats. Other than dive expeditions, visitors can also sail on a Dhow cruise, or relax in one of the many incredible white sandy beaches.