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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
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Top Scuba Diving Tips for Beginners – Get Ready to Explore the Deep

Considering a tour of the world beneath the waves? You're in for an awesome treat. Scuba diving practised under expert supervision and learnt correctly is a very rewarding sport. And if you are a beginner considering a dive, listed are some helpful tips to know.


Check Out the Available Scuba Diving Training Options

Since safety is the main concern when it comes to learning the art of scuba diving, you must choose a reputed school. The Maldives for instance, being home to some of the world's top scuba diving locations is where visitors can earn a PADI certificate from professionals. Many Maldives resorts similar to Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort go the extra mile to offer guests world-class dive centres for learning the ropes in next to no time, no matter your age. So exploring the best resorts in Maldives for families and choosing one offering dive centre, will ensure the safety of even your youngsters is well looked into. Going with an accredited dive school means that all aspects pertaining to your safety are looked into.


Be Aware of the Health and Safety Regulations

Check your equipment; an air leak which you can smell, a buckle that's broken, a quivering needle on a meter are all warning signs your equipment is faulty. Also, practice how to reposition your regulator since, this piece of equipment you breathe through, often gets knocked out; practice reaching out to your lower back and repositioning the regulator until you are quite familiar with the move. If you suffer from seasickness, take a seasickness pill in advance.


Leave Behind the Underwater Camera

Some dive schools allow underwater cameras, but if it's your first couple of dives, leave this behind as many novices seem to get distracted trying to operate the camera, that they fail to keep track of all diving rules they have learnt.


Ask as Many Questions as you Like

Never feel shy about asking your instructor questions. No matter how mundane they may seem, if you have a doubt go ahead and get it clarified. Remember that everyone, your instructor included, were all beginners, and the best way to become familiar with scuba diving is to dispel any doubts or questions you may have regarding the sport.


Learn about the Risks of Flying and Diving

There are certain risk factors one must know about before attempting a dive. There is a stipulated time between flying and diving, hence, if you are setting off to a tropical location, make sure to leave enough time between your flight and dive. Resorts in the Maldives, offering dive centres are savvy in this respect and advice guests on such precautions, besides, as a guest at a fab Maldives resort you have plenty of time to rest before your dive.


Check out the Signs of Nitrogen Narcosis

Nitrogen narcosis is deadly, it refers to a change in your in consciousness while attempting a deep dive, its symptoms are a temporary loss of sense and lack of movement or numbness. Get online and research more on this subject to be aware of the signs.


Never Hold Your Breath

You are not doing a shallow dive when scuba diving to a depth never hold your breath; the rule is to always keep breathing as your body's function and requirements are altered at deep depths.


You will Want to Pee a Lot

This is rather a fun fact about diving, but during your dive, you will want to pass urine quite often. This is due to your body processing liquids more effectively when it's at zero buoyancy.

Enjoy your learning and stay safe!