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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 16, 2024
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7 Must-try local food in Chiang Mai - And where to try them

Chiang Mai, in Thailand, is a tourist hotspot with its scenic green mountain ranges, extremely enjoyable weather, busy night markets and so on. Recently, the local food here has taken the spotlight. Thus, when in Chiang Mai, make sure to taste this absolutely delicious food.


Ohkajhu Farm

For a healthy local cuisine, the Ohkajhu Farm is a must visit. This farm, with its own restaurant, serves people with its fresh produce grown right here. The locals here are very much into organic and healthy food and thus paved a path to its very own farm/restaurant. All the dishes are made exquisitely and are full of flavour. Besides, you can also take a short tour around this lovely farm until your food is served.


Meena Rice-based Cuisine

The name says it all, this place will serve you some delicious rice bowls. This isn't any ordinary rice dishes. The rice is actually dyed into different eye-catching colours by utilising traditional methodologies. The dyes are all natural and include rose, butterfly pea, orange and so on. The rice grains are colourful and boast of a soft texture, making the Meena Rice-based Cuisine another great place in the neighbourhood


Toey Dim Sum

Dim sum is a Chinese legacy, and when in Thailand, you must give this a try. The Thai version is also incredibly tasty, and the best place to taste it in Chiang Mai is the Toey Dim Sum. You can order dishes for prices that start from 100 Baht onwards. Besides, there are many riverside restaurants in Chiang Mai you can check out if you want your food to accompany a nice view. For instance, you can give the Anantara Chiang Mai Serviced Suites a try.


Nana Jungle

This place is, in fact, a French-style bakery that opens early. But the place is so famous and sought after by many, that all freshly baked goodies run out by 8:30 Therefore, make an early start to the bakery. The place is also known as Frenchman's bakery and they sell a variety of soft baked goods which include croissants, danishes, pies, bread and so on. They also host a market on Saturdays where you can buy all kinds of goods, including the Korean kimchi to the Japanese pickles.


Huen Muan Jai Chiang

When visiting new cities, you must set some time aside to try the local authentic food. So, when in Chiang Mai, make it a point to visit the Huen Muan Jai Chiang. This is the place to go to in order to find out how spicy the north Thai food actually is. Order bowls of samples and see which one you like best!


Anchan Noodle

Most people are attracted to this restaurant due to its signature purple noodle dish. But the restaurant isn't just all about the purple noodles. The place offers some exquisite food, full of flavour. The noodles are cooked to perfection, and many locals opt to go here to satisfy noodle cravings.


Chicken Rice Nantaram

When trying the local Thai food, one cannot miss out on Chicken rice. Where else to taste it, than in a restaurant named after the dish? The Chicken Rice Nantaram is the most recommended place where they serve flavoured and tender slices of chicken with a delicious bowl of rice.