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Headline for 05 National Parks around Chiang Mai – Savour the Beauty of North Thailand
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05 National Parks around Chiang Mai – Savour the Beauty of North Thailand

Chiang Mai located in north Thailand is surrounded by hills, verdant jungles and ancient temples. Go there to savour the traditions and culture but more importantly, go there to soothe mind body and soul; explore the following sanctuaries and enjoy.


Ob Khan National Park

The Ob Khan National Park located in south Chiang Mai is a perfect example of Thailand's varied environs. This park is not home to tropical plants like palms and ferns, instead, the environs are dotted with limestone rock formations, mountains covered in pine forests and lush green jungles. The cool confines of the park are enhanced with the presence of river veins from the Kan, Win and Wang rivers. Waterfalls offer one a respite and lush environs around which to have a picnic and swim. While hiking trails and caves offer plenty of excursions; Ob Khan National Park is located only 48 minutes from Anantara Chiang Mai Resort, and is the perfect place to head to for a day out in the lush wilds of north Thailand.


The Canyon Park – Ob Luang

The Ob Luang National Park is home to a ruggedly handsome canyon formed over hundreds of years through the passage of the Mae Chaem River. June to October, when the rainy season hits Thailand, is when the gorgeous canyon is most stunning, and the river is a wild and gushing road of silvery foam. The parks other lures include the Thep Phanom hot springs, white water rafting, bird watching and camping under the stars; a pretty awesome place to visit and easy to reach from well-located hotels in Chiang Mai.


The Water Oasis – Si Lanna

Si Lanna National Park is located about 60kms from Chiang Mai; the place is a watery haven offering one plenty of activities. Look forward to thrills of kayaking, chasing waterfalls, fishing and white water rafting there. The Bua Thong Waterfall is one of the most spectacular there, while not to be missed is the Jedsi Rainbow Spring which reflects light in the many hues of the rainbow. Best of all, mineral deposits around the rocks of the waterfalls cause them to be sticky (and not slippery) enabling eager wanderers to walk around the waterfalls without a risk.


Discover the Shrine of Doi Suthep - Pui National Park

The most famous attraction in this park is the iconic Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, a vintage Buddhist temple located along the side of the cliff. Located not too far from north-west of Chiang Mai, the temple is well worth exploring as one of the most important in Thailand. This park is where you get to visit the Nomadic hill tribes of Chiang Mai, explore the famous Bhuping Palace and walk through pretty forests of Cherry Blossoms.


The Roof of Thailand – Doi Suthep Inthanon

This park is further from Chiang Mai, about 113kms, but well worth the trip. This is the highest point of the nation and home to two iconic pagodas. The place as Thailand's highest mountain boasts utterly stunning views across the nation and gorgeous flower gardens to walk through. Enjoy the fresh environs and crisp clean atmosphere of this scenic national park.