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Forts in Oman – Amazing Heritage

The historic forts of Oman are treasured gems exuding a sense of mystery, romance, and proud heritage. Beautiful traditional architecture abounds; round towers, unique arched doorways, and gargantuan walls all add to a sense of awe when experiencing these ancient strongholds; listed are the best.


The Treasured Nizwa Fort

The Imam Sultan Bin Saif Al Ya'rubi established this magnificent fort in 1650, which took 12 years to complete; construction was a challenge since the complex was planned over an underground stream. This is Oman's most popular fort, and most visited, especially when staying at the Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort in the fabled Green Mountain, from which the fort is a mere 1hr away. The fort is listed as a national treasure and has for many years being the main seat of governance. While Oman luxury resorts are spread across the country, it is quite a treat to experience a stay on the outskirts of Muscat amongst the ruggedly handsome desert surroundings of the Green Mountain; not too far from Fort Nizwa and the ancient markets.


Treasure of the Al Jabal Al Akhdar - Bahla Fort

Another historical fort to visit when staying at an Oman resort on Al Jabal Al Akhdar highlands, Bahla Fort is part of the Bahla Village located in the Al Dakhliya region. This region found in the north-central area of Oman is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, lauded for its vivid history, pottery trade, and rich soil. The fort sitting at the base of the Green Mountain or Al Jabal Al Akhdar was established over the 13th and 14th centuries. This beautiful complex, similarly to Nizwa Fort boasts unique round towers, elegant archways, and wooden doors.


A Place of Knowledge - Jabreen Castle

This castle was constructed in the late 17th century and sits in the city of Bahla which belongs to the Al Dakhliya region. Jabreen Castle was constructed by Imam Bel'arab bin Sultan Al Yarubi, the son of the Imam responsible for the establishment of Nizwa Fort. Al Jabreen Castle is unique from other forts, it was built as a place of knowledge during peace and not as a stronghold during war. The castle is an ode to the interest of Imam Bel'arab who was fascinated with arts and science; the complex is, therefore, an artistic creation of wooden windows and elegant wooden balconies. Explore the arches engraved with calligraphy and ceilings boasting beautiful works of art while classrooms, courtyards and vast libraries do justice the castle's title as a place of knowledge and beauty.


Artistically Beautiful Bay tar Ridaydah Castle

This rather small stronghold is located about 24kms from Nizwa City; the place was set up as a barricade castle in the 17th century. Go there to explore the unique beauty of traditional Omani architecture enhanced with beautifully painted ceilings and walls, bearing the skilled work of ancient artisans.


Historic Nakhal Fort

This fort is also called Husn al Heem or the Al Heem Castle. It is named after its location in the Nakhal State. This fort is recorded before the onset of Islam in Oman, hence is very ancient. Over the centuries the fort was restored many times with the most noted renovations taking place in the 17th century.