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The 9 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Thailand - Top 9 Stunning Holiday Hotspots in Thailand

As one of the most captivating tourist hotspots in the world, Thailand is home to a host of breathtaking locations. Here are 9 must-experience highlights of extraordinary beauty.


Sam Phan Bok

Often described as Thailand's own Grand Canyon, Sam Phan Bok is not only a mesmerizing rock formation but an island of rock located near the Khong River. The best time to visit this stunning location is during the rain-free period from January to April when the water around the island recedes and the rock formations are easily accessible and visible. Sam Phan Bok is connected to many a local legend with the rock which resembled a dog head, in particular, being at the centre of countless myths and folk stories.


Thi Lo Su Waterfall

As the tallest and biggest largest waterfall in the country, the Thi Lo Su Waterfall is no ordinary cascade in Thailand. With a staggering height of 300m, the waterfall is a whopping 500m across and gushes forth from a limestone ridge of the Mae Klong River. Located inside Tak Province's Um Phang Wildlife Sanctuary the waterfall is a UNESCO World Heritage site of mammoth proportions.


Phu Chi Fa

This towering holy mountain is two hours away from northern Chiang Rai and lies on the Laotian border. Climbing the mountain is not in any way strenuous although the 750-meter hike is one of the best in the country. The misty surroundings of Phu Chi Fa are another draw to while the Mekong River basin and its many tributaries are also visible from the top.


Khao Ngon Nak

Also called Dragon Crest Mountain, Khao Ngon Nak is another awe-inspiring location in Thailand and is easily accessible for those who travel to Ao Nang located in Krabi. The trail is a mere 3.7km long, the start of the trail is at Hang Nak Hill and there are countless waterfalls and lookout points along the way to the top. The thick jungle surroundings and the captivating views are what makes this sacred spot one of the most beautiful locations in the country.


Cheow Lan Lake

Quietly nestled in the south of the country, the Cheow Lan Lake is found in the most ancient evergreen rainforest in the globe. Collectively known as Khao Sok National Park, the biodiversity of this sprawling sanctuary is not the only reason to explore the area as its biggest lake is equally impressive. Spread out across 185km2 the Cheow Lan Lake is a kayaker's dream come true.


Emerald Lake

Ang Thong National Marine Park may be most famously associated with the Leonardo DiCaprio film known as The Beach but one of the park's finest natural attributes is the Emerald Lake. Serene and encircled by towering limestone hills, this iconic lake must be seen to be believed.


Koh Nangyuan Viewpoint

The group of three islands connected by a beach known as Koh Nangyuan is home to one of Thailand's most panoramic lookout points. The walk up to the summit is a mere 15-minute trek but the breathtaking views of the beach, as well as Koh Tao below, are more than worth the effort. Visitors based at AVANI Khon Kaen Hotel & Convention Centre or any other similar hotel in Khon Kaen can organize a tour of the area.


Mor Hin Khao

Made almost entirely of sandstone and sculpted to its current state by the winds, Mor Hin Khao is known as the "Stonehenge of Thailand" due to the spires resembling the historic British site. Surrounded by tulip fields the area is a sight to see during the day and especially at night.


Elephant Nature Park

Serving as a transit home for injured and rescued elephants, the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai is arguably one of the finest attractions in all of Thailand.