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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 01, 2019
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5 Things to Pack for Dubai - Top 5 Items to Pack for a Trip to Dubai

Packing for a holiday in the desert can be quite different from packing for a less arid vacation hotspot. Here are 5 things to pack for your next trip to the desert capital.


Appropriate Clothing

Although Dubai is not as strict as some of the Arab world's more conservative holiday destinations, packing a few modest clothing items can serve travellers who are visiting the city for the first time. Whether it's useful on tours of local mosques or other cultural landmarks in the city or whether it is simply a matter of respecting local dress codes, keeping a maxi dress, long-sleeved shirt, long pants and a head cover such as a scarf or a shawl can come in handy during a vacation in Dubai. Female travellers should refrain from packing too many sleeveless tops or skimpy swimwear as one would only be able to wear these items within the confines of the hotel or resort.



While toiletries are must-have essentials for all trips and excursions, those heading to Dubai should include a number of special items to help beat the heat in the city. Sunscreen with an SPF index exceeding 15 is absolutely crucial for travelling around in Dubai, especially if one expects to take part in outdoor activities and water sports. Ensure the sunscreen selected lasts for several hours and does not require frequent re-application. Moisturizer and hydrating face washes should also be part of the toiletries bag as the humidity will deplete the skin of moisture quite rapidly. The Avani Deira Dubai Hotel and nearly every other hotel may provide moisturizer and shampoo on a complimentary basis but these will not suffice.



When it comes to footwear must-haves, sandals and flip flops will suffice unless one hopes to attend formal occasions or restaurants where the dress code is formal. Make sure the footwear you pack is made from durable materials and broken in before the departure date. New sandals and flip flops can cause chafing if they are packed brand new.


Heat Proof Camera

When it comes to tech-gear, a trip to Dubai requires a quality camera that can stand the heat of this unusually arid vacation hub. Certain camera models will malfunction in the heat, as will other entertainment and communication devices such as Smartphones, iPads and iPods unless they are shielded from too much exposure. There are specific camera models produced for snapping photographs in extreme weather conditions by different manufacturers. These are your best bet on a trip to Dubai and other Middle Eastern locations.



Regarded as a must-have by locals as well as expats, a quality pair of sunnies of the Polaroid variety or crafted to cater to your own specific eye strain issues is also crucial. In fact, pack two sunglasses in case one meets with an untimely accident or is misplaced during travel. Protecting the eyes from the harsh rays of the sun is essential for travellers who are planning to take part in dune bashing and other desert-bound activities including camel riding, 4x4 desert drives or any similar things to do in Deira Dubai. There will hardly be a time when a pair of sunglasses is not required when exploring Dubai so unless one hopes to venture outside only during night time, packing more than one pair of sunglasses is wise.