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Maldives Travel Tips – Things to Know

Planning a trip to the sunny archipelago? A place of fun in the sun, exciting water sports and the best tropical experience you could hope for. Do read on for some handy travel tips, to help you plan your holiday to the archipelago better.


Check the Weather and Plan when to Go

Prime weather blesses the islands from November to April and is indeed the archipelagos peak tourist season. Hence, those of you with deep pockets should plan around this time. But if you want to avoid the hefty rates on accommodation and just about every tour, go there in the 'shoulder-season' which is from April to September and is the 'in-between' time to peak and off season. During this time, resorts and hotels in the Maldives offer attractive discounts and promotions. The off-season too is not out of bounds as it is the rainy season, and even then it rarely rains all day.


Consider Booking Flights and Hotels Online

Every savvy traveller knows to look out for cheap flights and discounts which crop up from time to time on the web. Keep an eye out for these fab deals and make use of them to stretch your holiday budget. If you are looking at a Maldives luxury resort look for one which offers online deals and promotions; many like Adaaran Select Meedhupparu, reward guests with discounts for direct bookings.


Get Updated on the Culture

The Maldives is a Muslim nation and follows a strict code of conduct both religiously and culturally; hence, there are a few things to keep in mind. Avoid travelling to the islands over the holy Ramadan period, since fasting takes place during the day, it is hard to find open restaurants or eateries during the day, your private villa resort in the Maldives will of course have its restaurants open, but for when you go out exploring, finding a bite to eat during the day in this holy period is tough. Your dress code too should be in respect of the Muslim culture. Other than for your private island resort in the Maldives, do not wear revealing clothing. Have a shawl and long pants or skirt to wear when visiting mosques and avoid short-shorts or skimpy tops for when you go exploring.


Look for the Best Deal

When booking your Maldives resort look for the best deal, some all-inclusive deals tend to be a bit expensive, while half board or breakfast deals will turn out to be pretty lucrative with the addition of you browsing the al-carte restaurants for meals in between. Some resorts cater to children with special meal plans; make sure to inquire about this.


Decide on How to Transfer to Your Resort in the Maldives

You will arrive in Male the capital, and transfer to your resort will either be by private speed boat, sea plane or the local ferry. The first two can be expensive, although a speed boat ride or sea plane flight will offer stunning vistas across the islands. The ferry is cheap but slow and runs on an erratic schedule; hence, splurging on this one trip may seem wise if you prefer comfort over budget. Either way that choice is yours to make. Do check on the baggage allowance for seaplanes, or you will end up paying quite a sum for the extra. Also if you arrive in the Maldives on a night flight, you will have to spend the night in Male as no transfers take place after 4 pm.

Plan well and enjoy!