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05 Tips to Make the Most of your First Trip to Maldives – Enjoy Paradise

Finally setting off to that tropical paradise of 1000 islands, where the water glistens and glows harbouring a bounty of marine life and the shores are powdery soft sand bleached white by the sun? Then you must make the most of your time on the oasis, read on to learn how.


Prepare to Splurge

The Maldives is not the kind of place you want to pinch pennies at; instead meet its extravagance with your own. Save, save and save before you set off on this 'once in a lifetime' kind of tour and indulge as much as you can. From booking a stay at one of the fancy resorts, offering over water villas complete with a private pool and indulging in fancy spa treatments as offered at the best hotels in Maldives be prepared to spend and enjoy. Like Adaaran Club Rannalhi Maldives, there are resorts in the Maldives catering to every need from classy dining to adrenaline pumping water sports, look around and choose wisely for an unforgettable experience.


Savour the Local Culture

While indulging in all the luxury on offer, you must make the most of your exotic location and visit the local islands. There you will see how the simple fisher folk live; pay a visit to an inhabited island for a dose of culture and tradition, a chance to chat to the friendly folk, see a fresh catch being dragged in and a chance to hear some local folklore – maybe even an invite to join a local family for a home cooked meal!


Be Respectful of the Muslim Nation

The Maldives is a 100% Muslim nation and holds onto ancient traditions and customs; hence as a visitor you must be respectful of these laws, to enjoy an unhindered holiday. Other than for on your private luxury resort in the Maldives, you must not wear revealing clothes; cover your head, shoulders and knees when visiting mosques, and consume no alcohol outside of your hotel. Alcohol cannot be brought into the nation, neither is it served outside of resorts, hotels and live-aboard yachts.


Do Not Show Affection Outdoors

Again refrain from insulting the modest locals by curbing any show of affection you may feel outside of your accommodation. No kissing or show of affection is allowed in public.


Take Along a Good Underwater Camera

The Maldives is home to some of the world's best dive spots; gorgeous coral reefs, teeming with all types of marine life and old wrecks turned in to sea gardens are only part of the thrill, when you go scuba diving. Even if you are not up to donning all the gear, the Maldives is a top destination for snorkelling, the best water sport for any age. Simply swimming from the beach of your resort to the nearest coral reef will reward you with plenty of treats; a wandering sea turtle, a school of colourful reef fish, corals in hues of the rainbow and maybe even a curious dolphin, and you don't want to miss any of this with a cheap camera, so go ahead splurge and invest in a really good brand.