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Why You Need An Employment Lawyer!

An employment lawyer can help you with many workplace issues. Find out if you might benefit from using one.


Employee Settlement Agreement

Has your employer given you a Settlement Agreement?


A settlement agreement is a contract which employees often enter into with employers when they are leaving their employment. A specialist employment solicitor will be able to tell you if it is a good deal or bad deal.




Do Employees Have A Right To Work Flexibly?

As a result of the Employment Act 2002 and subsequent legislation employees have the right to request a change in their terms and conditions of employment to allow flexible working patterns. The intention of this kind of legislation is to promote family-friendly working arrangements for employees who have children or carer responsibilities. A specific procedure has to be followed by employees who wish to request flexible working arrangements, and in turn, employers are obliged to deal with such requests in a certain way. An employment lawyer can advise employees on how to make flexible working requests, and on whether or not employers have dealt with such requests fairly and in accordance with the law.


Discrimination & Victimisation

Discrimination & Victimisation

All types of discrimination are covered by employment law such as:

  • age discrimination
  • sex discrimination
  • racial discrimination
  • disability discrimination

Don't let any of these affect you at work. Employees who are victims of discrimination, harassment or victimisation are entitled to make Employment Tribunal claims against both the employer and the individual perpetrator of the act. Speak to an employment lawyer who gives advice to employees to help you sort out your employment issues.

Constructive Dismissal

Employment lawyers are often contacted by employees who feel they have been so badly treated by their employers that they cannot continue in their job. In these circumstances, a claim for “constructive dismissal” is sometimes, but not always the answer.

Holiday Leave - Use It Or Lose It?

Annual Leave Employment Law

Can I carry annual leave over? Can I get paid for unused holidays? Duncan McFadzean an employment solicitor at ELP Arbuthnott McClanachan answers these annual leave questions and more.




Employees can be made redundant where an employer’s business circumstances are such that they no longer require employees of a particular type, where they have too many employees of a particular type, or where a particular workplace is closing down. However, where an employer is considering redundancies the employer is obliged to follow proper procedures and to behave fairly towards individual employees.

An employment solicitor can provide advice and representation on all matters relating to redundancy, including redundancy pay, notice periods, redundancy consultation procedures, unfair selection for redundancy and unfair dismissal.

Parental Leave Employment Law

New Rights for Parents – Shared Parental Leave

The regulations aim to encourage flexibility in employment to enable both parents to play a greater role in the early stages of their child’s life or in the early post-adoption period. An employment solicitor practising ELP Arbuthnott McClanachan, gives advice on these regulations and how they will affect both employees and employers.

Employment Tribunals

Employment Tribunal proceedings have become more formal and legalistic over the years, and as a result, it has become more important for employers and employees to be represented or supported by an experienced employment lawyer.


Employees Need Employment Law Solicitors Too

Employees Need Employment Law Solicitors Too

At ELP Arbuthnott McClanachan, Solicitors Edinburgh we fully appreciate that employment law advice is not the first thing that employers wish to spend their money on! However, it is a fact of life that employment law does impose a large number of obligations on employers, and we see it as our job to help employers deal with this in the most productive way possible, in the hope that this will ultimately have a positive effect on their business and their staff. We believe that if employers are willing to take our advice in relation to how matters such as employment contracts, disciplinary and grievance procedures, equal opportunities, restructuring, and retirement should be approached, this will result in benefits to their business in the long run.

Can Employment Tribunal Cases Be Joined Together?

This article explains what happens when a single Employment Tribunal Claim involves more than 2 parties.

Going to the Employment Tribunal – An Overwhelming Prospect or a Chance of Justice?

Is it worth taking your complaint or grievance to the Employment Tribunal? What happens and how do you go about raising a claim?

Parental Leave Employment Law | ELP Arbuthnott McClanachan

Find out about the latest laws around shared parental leave and how it may affect you as an employee or employer.