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5 star hajj packages 2019

As all Muslims know Hajj is the important pillar of Religion Islam. But Islam is the Religion of mercy that’s why this pillar of Islam is the duty of those who are physically strong and able to afford the expenses of this.


5 star hajj packages 2019

5 star hajj packages 2019

As all Muslims know Hajj is the important pillar of Religion Islam. But Islam is the Religion of mercy that’s why this pillar of Islam is the duty of those who are physically strong and able to afford the expenses of this. Hajj is the act of worship and creates a direct link of Muslims from Allah Almighty. For the purpose of Hajj Muslims need to visit holy places of Islam and perform Hajj according to the description of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Muslims are living in different countries but if they want to perform hajj they need to travel toward Saudi Arabia because Makkah and Madinah are the cities of Saudi Arabia. According to the current situations of countries, citizens of one country need permission to visit the places of other countries and also need to fulfill different procedure that’s why it’s very difficult to arrange all things accurately for your tour by yourself. For the sake of Muslim’s comfort, different travel agents and travel companies take the responsibilities of hajj procedure of their clients. They are offering different hajj packages according to the need of their clients. Hajj packages is the bundle of facilities of Hajj.

Facilities of Hajj package:

Facilities are something that provides ease to someone. Hajj packages are the bundle of different facilities these facilities are specially offered for pilgrimages. Hajj packages include the facility of accommodation, visa, flight, travel buses and the guise of an Islamic scholar. According to the prices of Hajj packages facilities are different. 5-star hajj packages include luxury facilities and their rates are higher than simple hajj packages.5 star Hajj packages 2019 of Haramayn Tours include luxury accommodation, visa, flight, luxury traveling buses in Saudi Arabia and a guideline of an Islamic scholar. Some companies do not provide the facility of accommodation these type of Hajj packages are known as non-shifting hajj packages. Some hajj packages are without flight and visa. Facilities are different in different hajj packages according to the policy of the company.

Advantage of hajj package:

Companies provide different hajj packages just to entertain their clients. Hajj packages are very useful because it’s very difficult to manage all things without experience especially if it’s the tour of another country. Availing hajj package means your basic needs are the duty of the company. Due to hajj package you already know where you are going to stay and distance of your accommodation from important places. Transport service helps you to travel from one place to another and the company is responsible for any case of emergency. Haramayn Tours provide their clients 24/7 guideline and manage all the things on time. First aid service is also part of a Hajj package. Hajj package gives you a comfortable and peaceful tour. Selecting the right company for your right journey is also important. Haramayn Tours providing their services to their clients in the UK at very reasonable rates. Their 5-star hajj packages 2019 are very attractive for clients and their facilities are very good from all aspects.


Umrah packages 2019

Umrah packages 2019

Haramayn Tours is to offer the quality Umrah services accompanied by Cheap Umrah Packages. We are not only providing Umrah Packages but they are also facilitating the pilgrims with a complete demonstration of Umrah. Guidance on the rituals will be offered before their departure. Our team reaches out to people who wish to perform the holy pilgrim's journey and fulfill their heart's desire.


4 Star Umrah Packages 2019

4 Star Umrah Packages 2019

Umrah packages are the need of all the pilgrims for the better management of their umrah tour and for good guide. For your blessed tour it’s important to choose the best company. Umrah Packages 2019 is the best option for the management of your umrah. If you are worried about the expenses of umrah packages then there is no need to worry 4-star umrah packages of Your Umrah Package are especially for those who want to avail all the good facilities in reasonable rates.

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