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10 Best Drugs Discovery Companies in India

In this race for life, some firms set the pace trying to test their limits in uncharted waters. Deep Knowledge Analytics, a subsidiary of Deep Knowledge Ventures, an investment fund focused on DeepTech, separates the companies that are solely dedicated to core scientific R&D out of a total of 1000 AI Healthcare companies globally.


Panacea Drugs Pvt. Ltd.

It was discovered in the year 1984 and came into force as Panacea Biotic Ltd. on 1995. Panacea drugs are an Indian health management company which deals with vaccines, natural products and pharmaceutical formulations. It comes under 3 largest companies dealing with drugs.
Headquarter- New Delhi, India
Products- Generic drugs, pharmaceuticals and vaccines.


Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories

It’s an Indian drug company based in Hyderabad. In 2008 company had 7 FDA plants producing about active pharmaceuticals ingredients in India. It is situated worldwide. Its discovery is basically on using proteomics and genomics and it comes under top 10 drug discovery companies.
Product- biotechnology products and diagnostic kits.
Headquarters-Hyderabad, India.



it’s a global biotechnology and pharmaceutical company. This company serves in global markets such as Ireland, France, India, US, and UK. Its turnover is about 211 billion per year. The company employee about over 9000 people. The company has its presence in 9 multi-national hospitals in India.
Products - pharmaceutical ingredients, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical formulations
Headquarters- Mumbai, India


GlaxoSmithKline pharmaceutical ltd.

It’s one of the most experienced drugs dealing company in India. This company came into force in 1924. It provides drugs for cervical cancer, Rota virus, chickenpox and hepatitis A and B and many more.
Products – medicines and vaccines
Headquarter- Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Bharat serums vaccine limited

The Company came into existence in 1971 and over 900 people are employed. It is an Indian manufacture company. This company produce products under two brands which include plasma derivatives, monoclonals, fertility hormone, antifungals. It has inked its products in India as well internationally. The company has advanced its research in drugs delivery system biotechnology.
Products- biotechnological and pharmaceutical.
Headquarter- Mumbai, India


Shantha biomechanics Ltd.

This Company came into force in 1993. It is the first India Company for manufacture of Biotech and healthcare products. This company has spread its market all over the world. UNICEF and PAHO are linked with this company.
Headquarters- Medchal Hyderabad, India


Serum institute of India

Serum institute India is regarded as one of the largest vaccine manufactured by dose produced and sold all over the world. The company is associated by Poonawalla Group in 1966. The company leads in making the Rubella, tetanus, measles in India. Almost 65% of children in world receive vaccine from this company.
Products- diphtheria, rubella tetanus vaccine.
Headquarters- Pune, India



It’s an Indian biopharmaceutical enterprise. The company deals with generic active pharmaceutical ingredients. It is globally famous and had its markets in United States and Europe. It’s mainly deals with biosimilar insulin and is sold in bulk all over the world.

Products- Biologics, Small Molecules, Branded Formulations.
Headquarter- Bangalore, Karnataka, India.


Jubilant biosys

Jubilant biosys deals with drugs discovery service all over the world. It was formed in 2001. They are in partnership with international companies. They basically focus on metabolic disorder, oncology, pain and inflammation and central nervous system. It basically provides services such as contract research, pre-clinical CRO, virtual screening and drug discovery.
Products- ParthArt, chemobiobase, molsgin.
Headquarter- Bengaluru, India


Divi’s laboratories

This company was incorporated in 1990. Its purpose was research and development in life science segment. It is India 9th largest Company. Its turnover is about Rs.23,493.97 crore. Divi’s is the leading manufacturer of APIs, Intermediates and Registered materials offering high quality products with the highest level of compliance over 95 countries.
Products- Capecitabine, Carbidopa, Ditiazem.
Headquarter- India