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5 reasons to visit Sigiriya - Apart from the Lion's Rock Fortress

This little village near Dambulla is one of the most visited historic tourist attractions on the island, and for good reason too. Read on to know what attracts so many visitors to this place yearly.


The Sigiriya Rock Fortress

Going back 1,600 years the Sigiriya Rock Fortress was the fortification of withdrawn King Kashyapa. It was a sumptuous fortress home to the lord and his acclaimed group of concubines. The name 'shake' stronghold is gotten from the colossal dark segment of shake that stands at a stature of 600 feet directly amidst the once illustrious city. Around this stone, King Kashyapa manufactured lakes and luxurious plant enclosures. The stone itself was the post home to the ruler and his much-adored array of mistresses. The inward mass of the stone is decorated with what survives from the Sigiriya Damsels. These are works of art of the upper middle of ladies accepted to be women of the court or ethereal creatures. There is additionally a well-put divider named 'the mirror divider' as it was kept so exceedingly cleaned the ruler could see his appearance in it. The highest point of the stone is home to extravagant housetop gardens and offer feathered creatures eye perspectives on the region. Hotels near Sigiriya you could check in at would be Sigiriya Jungles among a few.


Visit Pidurangala Rock

Pidurangala is found a simple 2kms from Sigiriya; unfortunately, this shocking spot is regularly ignored yet on the off chance that you book a Sri Lanka visit with a rumoured visit administrator chances are you will be given a complete visit. Pidurangala Rock was home to meandering priests for more than 2,000 years; investigate the antiquated cavern homes of these heavenly men who were resettled from Sigiriya at the cloister set up by none other than King Kashyapa.


Enjoy an Elephant Ride in Sigiriya

Regularly the feature of a visit to Sigiriya the elephant rides through the lotus bloom lake confronting the Sigiriya Rock is a significant entrancing issue. Separated for your elephant swimming over the lake, you get the chance to investigate the verdant wilderness region on elephant back which generally takes around 60 minutes.


Visit the Sigiriya Museum

The historical centre is found only 200 metres from the principal access to the stronghold. It is an unquestionable requirement visit for further knowledge into this rich legacy of Sri Lanka. There the varying media show gives a far-reaching update on the Kingdom of King Kashyapa for you to all the more likely comprehend the glory of the stone fortification. There is additionally an outline of Sigiriya's history separated from the seasons of King Kashyapa. On the off chance that you have to peruse more on Sri Lanka visit the well-supplied bookshop.


Visit Minneriya National Park

Minneriya National Park is only 41kms from Sigiriya; come August it is home to one of the biggest transitory crowds of elephants in the nation. The jeep safaris into the recreation centre will take you past tremendous groups of elephants complete with calves and some inquisitive guys. The recreation centre environs are very dazzling with the amazing Minneriya 'Wewa' – lake outweighing everything else. Natural life and special vegetation flourish in plenitude inside the wonderful environs of this authentic park.

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