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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
Headline for 05 Popular Dishes to Eat in Chanthaburi - How to Discover the Best Tastes of the Land
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05 Popular Dishes to Eat in Chanthaburi - How to Discover the Best Tastes of the Land

Chanthaburi is one of the most enchanting travel destinations in Thailand. The article below provides information about the top 5 dishes that you should definitely try out here.


Yen Ta Fo

When you are exploring the food scene in Chanthaburi, you really must enjoy the incredible flavour of Yen Ta Fo. This is one of the best treats that the region offers! It is divinely satisfying and irresistibly tantalizing. You will fall in love with its unique taste for sure.
The bright pink noodle soups are served at the iconic Je Phen Noodle. When you are travelling gin Chanthaburi, be sure to pay this place a visit and you will not regret it! The dish is served with fried tofu as well as a peanut sauce which enhance its taste by great degrees.


Liang Pork Noodles

You have to try out the exquisite tastes of Liang Pork Noodles when travelling in Chanthaburi. The local spices and herbs that are used to prepare the dish make it truly special. You will be able to find many street vendors as well as restaurants in the city selling this tempting delicacy. It is quite cheap too so you can certainly enjoy its delectable taste even if you are travelling on a tight budget. The best place to try out the pork noodles in Chanthaburi is Jae Noy's Liang Pork Noodles.


Moo Chemung

Moo Chemung is yet another popular dish that you can enjoy while travelling in Chanthaburi. It is a favourite dish among locals as well as the tourists. The dish is essentially an incredibly sweet pork curry that combines a rich variety of flavours. The cha muang leaves that are added to the dish give it its incredible flavour. You can try out this exotic delicacy as you are dining at the many famous restaurants in the city. If you stay at a centrally located hotel in Chanthaburi you will be able to have a delightful culinary adventure for sure. Do consider places like Chatrium Golf Resort Soidao which enjoy the strategic location in the city in order to enjoy a well-rounded travel experience.


Crab Fried Noodles

Seafood lovers should not miss this delightful dish when travelling in Chanthaburi. It is so very addictive! The little crabs that are included in the dish are fried to perfection. Served upon a bed of flavoursome noodles these crabs heighten the taste of the dish remarkably for sure. The noodles are cooked in a sweet paste that makes the dish quite delightful. Bean sprouts, garlic and chives are also served along with the crabs in the dish, enhancing the taste of the rice by great degrees.


Tom Yam Seafood Noodles

The fiery taste of tom yam seafood noodles will leave you tearing if you are not used to spicy dishes! There are lots of great restaurants in the city that serve delightful renditions of this classic Thai dish. You will fall in love with its rich balance of flavours and spices!
Hope the information above will help you to enjoy a sensational culinary adventure in the stunning city of Chanthaburi!

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