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06 Wonderful Reasons to Visit Myanmar – Explore the unexplored Myanmar

Myanmar is a beautiful country with so many different places to see and things to do, if you have not yet visited Myanmar here is why you should go there.


The beautiful people

The locals are absolutely amazing. They are genuine, kind and extremely helpful and they are excited to meet and see tourists. Most of them are happy to help you with directions, recommendations and even to offer food and drinks as they are genuinely happy to see tourists having a good time in their country.


Fewer Tourists

Tourism hasn't developed to its fullest potential in Myanmar at the moment and due to this reason, there are not many tourists who go to Myanmar. You will see most of the tourists at the Balloon excursion and at Bagan. There are not many hotels except for a few such as Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon that is able to provide accommodation for luxury travellers.


Bagan Temples

The area is covered with Pagodas of different sizes varying from small, to medium and even large. It is a vast area hence you will not be able to cover the complete area while you are there. Visiting the location gives you a sense of peace and tranquillity and there are locals in the area who are willing to explain the history of the location for you for a small tip. Bagan is considered to be named as a UNESCO heritage site which will give more protection to this location.


Bagan Balloon Flight

If you loved the experience in Bagan then the sunrise balloon flight in Bagan is an unforgettable experience. You get to have a bird's eye view of the stunning pagodas in Bagan while you get to witness the sun rising in the far horizon and the feel the warmth it brings along with the light. You get to see a vast area of Myanmar while you are on the balloon and it is one of the most exciting experiences that Myanmar has to offer. If you are unable to make the arrangements for this yourself you can request the reservations to be made on behalf of you by the hotel. Yangon also has many tour agencies that can assist you in the matter.


Hsinbyuma Pagoda

The Hsinbyuma Pagoda is an extraordinary structure and you get mesmerised how it was created so many years ago with little to no technology. The pagoda has a different formation to other pagodas which have a smooth globe shape as the base with a pointed cone shape on the top. This pagoda has cones built all around it and along with the steps as well. You can climb the stairs to go to the top of the temple and treat yourself to a beautiful view of the river.


Ngapali Beach

After all the sightseeing the beach calls for some relaxing time to wind down and enjoy the view. The pristine white sands with the turquoise blue water are an added touch to the pink sky that is created during the sunset. The beach is clean and peaceful that you can spend hours and hours lounging under a coconut tree enjoying nature in its true glory. If you have always pictured yourself to enjoy a calm and quiet beach then the Ngapali Beach in Myanmar is the place for you.

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