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Dog facts and dog friendly parks for hiking

I am writing about everything dog friendly including parks for hiking, dog parks, restaurants, facts and things to do with dogs.

A Collapsable Water Bowl - Don't Hike Without It - PLACES FOR PUPS

A convenient, easy and inexspensive way to keep your dog(s) hydrated on the go is by using a collapsable water bowl. It's not a frisbee, it's a bowl!

20 Things I Bet You Didn't Know About Dogs - PLACES FOR PUPS

Dogs have been with us for a long time. We have learned a lot about them as they have about us. Here are some surprising things I bet you didn't know.

Things To Do At The San Antonio Riverwalk With Your Dog - PLACES FOR PUPS

Whether you are visiting San Antonio, or are a permanent resident, here you will find things to do at the San Antonio Riverwalk with your dog.

Enchanted Rock - Dog Friendly Hiking In Fredericksburg, Texas - PLACES FOR PUPS

This article contains pictures and descriptions of what you will see on top of Enchanted Rock, and discusses things to do with your dog at the Rock.

How is the Dog Park at Panther Springs Park? - PLACES FOR PUPS

A review of the dog park at Panther Springs Park in Stone Oak. A dog friendly park with water and a fantastic hiking trail.

Does Phil Hardberger Park Have the Best Dog Park in San Antonio? - PLACES FOR PUPS

This is both a review of the dog park at Phil Hardberger Park in San Antonio, and an arguement for the other contenders for best dog park in San Antonio.

It will take a certain amount of time to climb Enchanted Rock depending upon your fitness level, but it should not take you very long.

The Fredericksburg Dog Park is an extraordinary space when it comes to size and location, but it currently needs a couple more amenities to be the best.

This is an example of what you may find, and things to do at LBJ State Park & Ranch. Visit a free, dog friendly Texas State Park and take some history away.

Pedernales Falls State Park is a large, dog friendly park with many trails and opportunities to find an adventure of your own.

In northern San Antonio you will find a gem known as Stone Oak Park, which is full of scenic views and additional exercise options.

We've had many adventures and many journeys around San Antonio, but this one creepy place has been the spookiest place I've ever been.

Bamberger Nature Park is a great, but difficult place to bike through the woods in northwest San Antonio.

Brackenridge Park Has All The Things

Hiking, playing, fishing, animals, artifacts, exhibits, gardens, games, and dog friendly things can all be found inside Brackenridge Park.

Hiking Medina River Natural Area

This park on the south side of San Antonio contains over 5 miles of hiking trails. Camping and fishing are also optional.

Crownridge Canyon Park was a Quick and Easy Hike

Crownridge Canyon Park is a natural area on the northwest side of San Antonio. It contains two short loop trails for hiking in San Antonio.

Cathedral Rock Park Has Unique Trails

It may not be between a rock and a hard place, but Cathedral Rock Park does have multiple terrains, elevations and unique things to see.

What is the Bird Dog Exercise?

This is a very simple exercise many people can use on a daily basis to activate their core stabilizers, gluten, and upper back. I use my dog as an example to explain the bird dog exercise.

This is What Happens When the Dog Poop Fairy Doesn't Appear

Dog poop has become a major health concern. If you believe the dog poop fairy is coming to pick it up you may be very surprised when you receive a large fine instead.

To Get a Dog, or Not to Get a Dog?

Many people would love to get a dog, but here are a few good reasons why you should not get a dog.

Best Places to Hike in San Antonio

There are many parks and places to hike in San Antonio. Here are the best places to hike for 8 different situations.

The Ruffwear Singletrak Pack may not be cheap, but it is durable, multifunctional, and comfortable looking.

Pandemic Leads to State Park Closures in Hill Country - Places for Pups

State park closures are happening this week because of coronavirus concerns. Seven state parks in Texas Hill Country have closed their gates so far.