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Healthy Skin Tips for Seniors

It is normal to find wrinkles and fine lines as you age, but following a daily skincare routine can help keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Healthy Skin Tips for Seniors

It is normal to find wrinkles and fine lines as you age, but following a daily skincare routine can help keep your skin healthy and glowing.

How to Address the Problems in Your Assisted Living Community

Although the staff in assisted living will support you with anything you may need, it helps to communicate your requirements with them.

How to Choose the Best Place to Retire in the USA

When looking for the best places to retire, consider a retirement home where you can maintain an independent lifestyle while still getting the assistance of competent staff.

7 Easy Ways to Fix Your Age-Related Back Pain

With age, we tend to become more prone to frequent backaches. Learn more about the reasons for back pain and ways to help manage age-related back pain.

Benefits of Drinking Infused or Flavored Water for Seniors

Most people do not drink enough water, which can be harmful to their health. Drinking detox water, also known as infused water, is an excellent way to consume more water.

Food for Better Brain Health & Memory

The food we eat often affects our brain health. Experts in many memory care facilities believe that consuming superfoods can help boost your memory and fight against Alzheimer’s.

What are the Benefits of Meditation for Seniors?

Most people feel that retired life is always happy, and fun-filled, however, it can be difficult. Meditation can help you lead a calm, peaceful, and happy life as you age.

Stroke Recovery Rehabilitation | Best Rehab Facility in Rhode Island

Checking into a rehab facility after a stroke can help you deal with it properly, relearn skills, and regain independence, providing ways of enhancing the quality of life.

What are the Best Features to Look for in a Rehab Facility?

If you are looking for therapy or fitness, it helps to choose a senior rehabilitation center. They will offer a variety of services to ensure that their residents are healthy.

How Can Memory Care Assisted Living Help Seniors?

Memory often gets affected with age, and many seniors experience memory loss. If you believe you are as well, consider moving to a memory care assisted living facility.

Social Media Platforms and Seniors

Virtual platforms are an excellent means for seniors to stay connected to their families, build new relationships, learn new things, and develop new skills.

How Adult Living Communities Have Changed Over Time

Traditionally, adult living facilities were focused on providing health services for older adults. In recent years, they have transformed to accommodate more varied needs.

Debunking Popular Myths about Nursing Home Facilities

Most people are not aware of what nursing homes can offer seniors and believe the widespread misconceptions about these facilities. Learning more can change your perspective.

How to Prevent & Treat Food Poisoning

Food is meant to nourish and provide the body with strength and energy. However, in certain circumstances, it can lead to food poisoning. Seniors are more susceptible to it.

What To Ask After Being Diagnosed with Dementia

When you are diagnosed with dementia, it’s hard to hear the news. Once you have processed the information, there are some questions to ask your doctor.

Staying in a Rehab Center & Skilled Nursing Home - The Holiday

If you have been in a hospital for surgery or illness, the doctors may recommend a stay at a rehabilitation center or skilled nursing facility to ensure a fast and proper recovery.

Types of Services You’ll Receive in Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities provide a home-like environment and can help with physical as well as medical care as well as daily living assistance while promoting your independence.

How to Improve Memory & Brain Health as We Age

With the right stimulation, you can improve your cognitive skills and the ability to learn. This will help improve your brain health and memory.

Is West Hartford the Best Place to Live in Connecticut?

Recent studies identify West Hartford as one of the best places to live. It is a quiet suburb with a bustling downtown area, and affordable lifestyle.

Dining in Senior Assisted Living

The meals offered in the dining areas at assisted living facilities provide not only great flavor but also excellent nutrition, and ample time to socialize with other residents.

How Can Seniors Manage High Blood Pressure?

A common problem in seniors is high blood pressure. The staff in nursing homes are trained to provide specialized care for those residents that have high blood pressure.

How Laughing Can Help Improve Your Health

Laughter is an expression of positive emotions such as happiness, joy, and relief, and is a great way to keep negative thoughts at bay. It can also help improve your health.

Things to Consider When Touring a Senior Assisted Living Facility

It’s easy to get distracted by the beautiful lobbies and lush grounds of a facility. However, remember to look beyond that and consider all the essential aspects.

Preparing for Your Move into a Rehab Facility for Seniors

Whether you are moving from a hospital to rehab or need the assistance of the professionals at a skilled nursing care facility, being prepared for the move can help.

How to Develop a Good Aging Routine

Staying healthy as you age involves eating well, exercising, focusing on your emotional well-being and taking care of your skin and hair.