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B2B Email Marketing Best Practices for Sales Teams (Comprehensive Guide)

Here's a detailed guide if you want to learn B2B email marketing from scratch. It talks about how to find leads, from where to find emails, how to outreach, how to get more replies, how to follow-up, how to write emails, how to get them to respond even after they have stopped responding.



Hunter provides you with additional data about the most common pattern of the email addresses of the people working in that organization. For example, the most common pattern of the email addresses of a domain named could be: {first}

But remember Hunter provides a limit of searching about 100 email addresses per month when you opt for a free plan.


B2B Email Marketing Best Practices

B2B Email Marketing Best Practices

Everyone knows that setting sales appointments can be difficult, and for companies with many sales reps, insufficient appointment settings leaves your high performing reps sitting on their hands with nothing to do.

Most companies set sales appointments manually. However, doing things manually is time consuming and eats away at productivity and achievement.

If this sounds like you, you need tools and a system to help!

In this article, you’ll find a list of B2B email marketing best practices and actionable email marketing tips on tools you can use to set 30 appointments in the next 30 days.


Start With A Good Data Source Like Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator is a tool that lets reps find key leads, monitor activities, and the ability to look for similar contacts.

It helps provide optimal data that is actionable which increases leads/appointments.

  1. Sign up for the free trial. Set up your preferences for things like job titles and regions you want to target.

2. Save any existing connections as leads. Sync your accounts and contacts


3. Find prospects and leads with advanced search filters.


Use Hunter To Get Email Addresses

Hunter lets you get email addresses for any professional in a matter of minutes.

You can hunt down the emails that you want most, filter emails, and after verifying them, save the lead. Here’s how you can search for email addresses using Hunter:

  1. Enter a domain name.

2. Search for the email addresses behind that website.


3. Choose from the list of people working for that company and index them based on your scoring and search filters.


Verify Your Emails With Neverbounce