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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 28, 2019
Headline for Top Causes of Eye Problems – Prevention is better than cure
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Top Causes of Eye Problems – Prevention is better than cure

Vision is something that we take for granted and there are many things we do that damage our vision in the long run.


Lack of sleep

When we get busy life gets in the way of our happiness and health. Most of us do not think about the negative effects that we will have as a result of our current habits and practices. When work and life get in the way we give more priority to getting the work done over getting rest. Lack of sleep can affect someone in so many different ways. One of the main damages that can be done due to lack of sleep is it will affect your eyesight in the long run. This is one of the main facts that is being brought to light when Vision Care Optical Services have customers coming in complaining about vision impairment and headaches. It is vital that we give our eyes enough rest after a long hard day because 7-8 hours of rest is what will allow the eyes to take a rest and prepare for another long day.


Straining to read in the dark

Most of us love to read. It doesn't necessarily mean we read a book. With the advancement in technology, we are now in a time where books are replaced by Kindles, Phone, Tablets and even laptops. Reading is a good habit but straining your eyes to read in dimly lit spaces or reading in the dark with the lights turned off are bad habits that can affect your eyes sight in the long run. Especially if you are straining to read in the dark on a screen, the vibrant light on the screen will have a negative effect on your vision on the long run.


Too much screen time

When on the morning or evening commute you can see the majority of the people are glued to their screens and away in another world of their own. Phones have made life so much easier and faster but it has also made people lonely and introverted. Instead of talking to one another face to face people are now happier having to talk to someone through several messages. Our addiction to phones, laptops, television and even tablets has a strong negative impact on our eyesight. Most of us work on our computers, we continue to work without a break for the 8-9 hours that we are at work and then continue to strain our eyes on the mobile phone once we finish work. Limiting screen time to a few hours a day for the necessary work is a good habit to instill.


Poor Diet

It goes without saying that without the right nutrients the body is unable to function and fuel properly. Life gets in the way, we tend to get busy, neglect our health and opt for junk food and fast food which has a negative impact on our whole life. Various illnesses such as diabetes have a strong impact on vision impairment and it is important to take care of your overall health in order to maintain a happy and healthy life.


Not wearing protective eye gear

Living in a tropical country with the sun shining throughout the year it is important to make sure that we protect our eyes. The UV rays are not only harmful to the skin but also to the eyes and we tend to neglect that. At a place such as the Vision Care Optical Service, you are able to find suitable protective eye gear.

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