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Code Builders

Looking for PSD to conversion service? We at Code Builders, assisting businesses in providing conversion services of PSD to HTML, Word Press, Bootstrap, & Email conversion.

PSD To HTML Conversion Services Company India & Singapore

Looking for a reliable company to convert your PSD To HTML? Code Builders provide the best professional PSD to HTML conversion services in India & Singapore.

PSD To Word Press Conversion Services | PSD To Word Press Company

We offer a great range of cost effective PSD To Word Press conversion services and also create custom plug-ins with great support for graphical display

PSD To Bootstrap - Mobile Friendly & Responsive Conversion Services

Code Builders offers PSD To Bootstrap conversion with W3c compliant code. So that your website will be 100% responsive and mobile friendly to run smoothly on all gadgets

PSD To Email - PSD To Responsive Email Conversion Service

We offer responsive PSD To Email conversion service with pixel perfect coding & W3C validation so that you can communicate more effectively with your clients.


What is PSD to HTML Conversion?

What is PSD to HTML Conversion?

What Is Meant By PSD:

PSD stands for Photoshop Document. PhotoShop is one of the most popular software programs for editing images. You can edit photos, make designs using a layered approach and save designs in various patented formats.

The default file format for PhotoShop is .psd. Web designers prefer to make their designs in PhotoShop first and then convert them to HTML format. Designers often do not manage conversion jobs themselves, but coding experts do.

What is meant by is HTML:

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It is a prominent coding language used to create web pages or websites. This coding language uses predefined tags. If you want to convert your PSD file to HTML, familiarize yourself with these HTML tags first. There are different versions of HTML, and when you want to convert your design files to HTML, you must use the latest version of HTML to ensure the highest level of compatibility possible. The latest HTML version to date is HTML5.

Web design is a creative process and if you start coding directly, you risk losing your creativity and artistic appeal. Furthermore, it is difficult to see where you are going when you do not have a graphic representation of the design.

What is PSD to HTML?

In general 'PSD to HTML' is a workflow. First of all, we have to create a web page by using photoshop document and then convert it by using HTML, CSS or Javascript code.

Here is the step by step process of the same:

  1. High fidelity pixel-perfect mockup design in Photoshop from what you want your site to look.
  2. Use the slice tool to share the image of your website and then export it to the web.
  3. Write HTML and CSS that use the image that you export from Photoshop.

At first glance, this may seem like an excellent idea. It can be challenging to start coding if you do not know what the end result will look like. Therefore, try out first in Photoshop, then exporting it as HTML sounds like a particulate and practical process.

We at Code Builders, provide the best professional PSD to HTML conversion services in India & Singapore.

Contact us now to get cost-effective and flexible solutions!


How to find professional PSD To WordPress Conversion Service Providers?

How to find professional PSD To WordPress Conversion Service Providers?

Nowadays, which is strongly supported by the internet and smartphones, most websites are now accessed on several devices which can be mobile devices such as Android phones, iPhones, iPads, etc. or desktop or laptop computers. Therefore making a simple website won’t work and every business needs to have a responsive website in this very competitive world. Whether you are talking about blogging or interactive websites, WordPress CMS is most popular for building websites. WordPress CMS is currently the first choice for business owners in terms of creating their business website. Also to give a professional look to their website, businesses now choose PSD to be a WordPress Conversion service. But what’s important here is how to find and choose the right PSD to WordPress conversion service provider for your business.

Here is some information about what to consider when selecting the best PSD To WordPress Conversion Service providers -

Thorough Research About The Company:

You must perform appropriate and thorough research before finalizing your PSD theme conversion service company to WordPress. If you make a decision quickly, it will not bring the desired and favorable results. Search the Internet, ask a friend for his recommendations, use your references and know the company in detail. Many small companies advertise their services well but are not effective in terms of providing the best results. Good preparation will allow you to get your perfect WordPress site. So, research the company that it is having the right expertise to perform the allotted task. Whether the company specializes in the conversion process or not? And it is having the well-trained resources? Checking the reviews and ratings of the company etc.

Quality of the Work:

You should observe some important aspects of quality. Does the company follow standard web practices? Does it provide a clear, well-structured semantic code that attracts search engine crawlers? Do you provide adequate comments for each section, so that it is easy to update the code in the future? Do you ensure that the website is compatible with several web browsers? Request a sample job and verify the HTML codes of the websites you have worked for. This will help you judge whether the company meets its quality standards or not.

W3 Validation:

Before finalizing PSD services to WordPress, make sure they provide a W3C validated website or not. W3C validation is a very important parameter to consider. It gives assurance of a fully operational website that will reach end users seamlessly. This WordPress site is guaranteed with a fast loading speed of Web pages on all browsers. Validation of the W3C guarantees better use of the site, without any bugs or errors in the code.

Payment Terms:

In addition to quality work, it must also be ensured that it is available at the best price. Discuss the pricing part well before placing the order. Understand how they rate services and compare them with other market players. There must be a balance between cost and quality of work. Service providers offering flawless execution can charge a higher price. Those who offer services at the lowest cost can do so by compromising quality. Before starting a project, you should always consider some prerequisites. You must confirm with the seller what are its terms and conditions of payment. Some may do a project with a 100% advance payment but others may phase out the payment schedule. They will probably start at 50% and then consider any guaranteed equation on time. You can also talk to the seller about certain discounts, in case the project is not delivered on time or at least on time.

Support Services:

The most responsive and best-selling PSD conversion company in WordPress will not think that their work is finished once the WordPress site is ready. Once the conversion process is complete, you will need their services many times, whether for updates, bug fixes or for expanding your website. Therefore, technical support and maintenance services are essential. Companies that have good customer support staff will ensure that you have a pleasant experience while working with them. See if the company is responsive to your questions. Do they have the right communication channels? Are they approachable if you have problems during the project? What after-sales support does the company provide?

We just discussed some considerations for finding and choosing the best PSD to WordPress conversion company. If you follow these tips then you will choose a company that is experienced, skilled, organized, expert in the PSD to WordPress conversion process and who also provides proper maintenance services. We at Code Builders, strive hard to provide you with the best PSD To WordPress Conversion Services globally!


We Will Convert Your PSD To WordPress

We Will Convert Your PSD To WordPress

We Will Convert Your PSD To WordPress!
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Get Multiple Benefits With Our PSD To Email Conversion Services!

Get Multiple Benefits With Our PSD To Email Conversion Services!

Get Multiple Benefits With Our PSD To Email Conversion Services!
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We Give SEO Friendly PSD To HTML Conversion Services

We Give SEO Friendly PSD To HTML Conversion Services

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