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6 Most Beautiful Mountains in China - The taller the better.

China is home to some of the most gorgeous mountains across the entire planet. Often visited by many locals and tourists, here's a list of some of the best mountains to check out when you visit here.


Mount Tai

This is probably the most famous mountain that can be found in all of China. Mount Tai can be found in the central Shandong Province. It is prominently known for its incredible elevation, grandness, width, steadiness and messiness. The highest peak of Mount Tai is the Jade Emperor Peak which is around 1,545 metres above sea level.


Mount Huangshan

Covering an area of around 250 kilometres, Mount Huangshan can be found in the southern Anhui Province. A distinct feature of Mount Huangshan is its popular 'four wonders', these are its imposing peaks, odd-shaped pines, spectacular rocks and the sea of clouds. Boasting over 72 peaks that are over a thousand metres above sea level, Mount Huangshan is a must see.


Lushan Mountain

Located in the north Jiangxi Province in Jiujiang City, Lushan is an incredible sight with wonders galore. If you're looking for a Jiangxi hotel when you're here, there will be plenty of great options to pick from, like the Lushan Resort for instance. The Lushan Mountain is considered one of the spiritual centres of Chinese civilization as it is home to many landmarks of Confucianism as well as a series of Taoist and Buddhist temples. You'll be presented with eight splendid sights such as rock formations, waterfalls, plants, beautiful geological features, villas, rivers and cultural artefacts as well. Dahanyang is Lushan's main peak and stands at 1,474 metres above sea level.


Mount Huashan

Located to the south of the Huayin County, Mount Huashan can be found 120 kilometres to the east of Xian City. With an elevation of 2200 metres above sea level, Mount Huashan is popularly known as "The No. 1 Precipitous Mountain under Heaven". All throughout its winding path that is twelve kilometres long, you'll find absolutely beautiful precipices that are guaranteed to take your breath away. If you're a little adventurous, you could walk the frightful path that is a plank path with an iron chair that can be found along the cliff of its South Peak.


Mount Emei

Located 150 kilometres away from Chengdu in Leshan City in the Sichuan Province, Mount Emei is a popular and sacred Buddhist site with a Buddhist history that dates over 1500 years into the past. Almost all of the glamorous spectacles that are found at Mount Emei can be seen at its Golden Summit which sits 3079 metres above sea level. A key highlight here is its beautiful sunrise which is sure to impress everyone. Mount Emei's famous 'sea of clouds' is a reference to its grand view, where rolling mountain peaks emerge from the clouds similar to little islands in an ocean.


Jiuhua Mountain

To the southwest of Qingyang County, you'll find the Jiuhua Mountain in the Anhui Province. This mountain is often thought to be one of the best summer locations in all of China. Known for its beautiful peaks as well as its perilous cliffs, this mountain is a sacred site with many Buddhist temples.

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