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10 Exotic wildlife in the Maldives that is sure to thrill nature lovers

In everyone's mind, the Maldives is a destination that floods you with water sports. However, there's another side to the popular archipelago that many do not have the knowledge of.



If you are lodged at Kandolhu Maldives, you shouldn't be surprised to find lizards skulking around. The country's natural setting allows reptile-like creatures to make a home there. You will definitely see the sort you often see in magazines – Agamid Lizard and gardens lizards are sure to be spotted, not to mention the Lygosoma albopunctata that you will witness if you linger around long enough!


Fruit Bats

Fruit bats or in other words, fruit foxes are quite common in the Maldives. Like lizards, you can see these nocturnal creatures in trees hanging upside down with their heads hidden – which is how you will see them during the day. When the sun is about to set, they can be seen taking flight welcoming their new day.



Reptiles are rather common sight in the Maldives. You can see them in the water or on the beach resting in the comfort of beach sand. These creatures are not likely to harm you as long as you leave them in peace. Among the most sighted snakes are Blind snake, ramphotyphlops braminus and Lycodon aulicus.


Bird species

It's a little wonder that many species of pelagic birds can be spotted in the Maldives as the archipelago is surrounded by the ocean. Tourists are usually greeted by flocks of grey herons, pond herons, house crows, common mynas and white-breasted waterhens. Though not very common, you can also see atoll's fairy teen, Audubon's shearwater and sandpiper.


Whale Sharks and Dolphins

This is something everybody knows already – given that the country is surrounded by the ocean. There isn't the best time to visit the Maldives, but if you are visiting the country with the intention of seeing whale sharks, the best time to do it would be during May, November and December. Pods of dolphins aren't a rarity whatever time of the year it may be.



If you are staying at a seaside Maldives luxury hotel during the months of June and November, you are in luck! – This is when the turtles swim up to the shore to lay their eggs in the gravel. If you are in the Maldives at the right time, you can also see baby turtles making their way to the sea. Having said that, it doesn't mean you won't be able to see them if you visit another time of the year – in fact, if you drop in at the turtle rescue centre, you can see them any time.


Fish and Coral Reefs

Divers and snorkellers are sure to get the warm welcome of more than 2000 species of fish. They have made their habitation out of the most colourful coral reefs that surround the atolls. The fish species you are likely to see are parrotfish, clownfish, angelfish, butterfly fish and longnose hawkfish.

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