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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 27, 2019
Headline for Must try street food in Singapore - That will tantalise your taste buds!
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Must try street food in Singapore - That will tantalise your taste buds!

Singapore is one of the smallest countries in the world but boasts of big culinary flavours. If you are travelling to this wonderful country any time soon, then here is a list of street food you must not miss out on.


Hainanese chicken rice

This is another dish that was inspired by Chinese immigrants. Chicken rice sounds simple, does it not? Well, the flavours aren't! Nothing beats a good old bowl of aromatic chicken rice. Besides, this dish is always winning votes all around the world as the tastiest dish. You can't ignore that reputation, can you? So when in Singapore, make sure to devour this dish.


Frog porridge

People see the name of this delicacy and are completely put off by it. You cannot judge a dish you have not tried. This is a very clean dish, where the meat of the frog is marinated in wine, spring onions, soy sauce, ginger and chilli. When the meat is cooked perfectly, frog meat is actually sweet and very succulent. Once you had tasted it, you are not going to put it down.


Bah kut teh

The Bah kut teh is a dish that was brought to Singapore by the Chinese immigrants and loosely means 'meat bone tea'. This is one of the most famous street food items in this country. If a dish has that kind of popularity, you must know, to taste it is a must. The dish comprises of pork ribs that have been simmered in a herb infused broth for hours. The broth contains ingredients like cinnamon, fennel, cloves, star anise, garlic and even dang gui, which together contributes to its delicious flavours. The dish also comes with a cup of oolong tea.


Sambal Stingray

This dish is also referred to as Ikan Bakar which means barbecued fish. This is an iconic Singaporean dish, where the fish gets grilled in a banana leaf, which makes it retain all its juicy flavours. The sambal is a blend of shrimp paste, chilli peppers, shallots, spices and herbs. This is then topped on the fish, sealing it with tantalising flavours. You can also try authentic Singaporean dishes in sophisticated Orchard Road restaurants, the likes of Grand Park Orchard, for a good meal.


Mud Crab

The mud crab is another delightful dish that can be tried either cooked in black pepper or in thick tomato and chilli sauce. The choice is yours. The chilli version is actually older and originated back in 1956, whereas the pepper variation came about a few years later. Having said that, both these dishes are excellent. Try the two variations and decide for yourself which one you like better!



How about a street fruit? Then, Durian is the one you must try. This is known as the king of fruits, not only in Singapore but in the entire South East Asian continent. Having said that, the fruit is famous for its pungent smell and is banned in a lot of places like trains and hotels. But once you taste it, you will get acquired to its taste, and even like the smell of it, eventually.

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