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Top 10 reason to visit Kunming – Explore the stunning city of Kunming

If there is an opportunity to travel the outskirts of China Kunming should be selected for the following reasons.


Stone Forest

The stone forest located in Kunming is one of the most stunning creations by nature that you will ever see. It is more than 270 million years old and there are limestone rock formations creating a forest just with the stones.


Kunming Green Park

If you are a nature lover and love the serene, peaceful quality in nature then taking a stroll along the Kunming Green Lake Park should be on your bucket list. The view is stunning at dawn and dusk and if you are staying at Grand Park Kunming then you are close to the park.


Mystery caves in Jiuxiang

Nature is bound to surprise you, even more, when you see the stunning scenery of the Karst Cave Museum which is what it is known as colloquially. There are stunning waterfalls, gorges, and caves hidden away in this beautiful creation.


Take a hike to the peak of Xishan

Xishan is known to be the largest island in the vicinity and it is the epitome of China's stunning water and mountain landscapes. Embark on a thrilling cable car ride and treat your eyes to the stunning beauty surrounding you.


Kunming Dragon Gate

The hikers are able to stop halfway before they reach the top on Xishan in order to take the blessings of the Kunming Dragon Gate which is known to bring prestige and good luck.


Cultural show in Yunnan Village

The Yunnan Nationalities Village is a great experience as you get to witness the unique culture, traditions, and dances that are shared among 26 ethnic groups. There are so many performances that you can watch in order to experience the village.


Golden Temple

Even though the name says Golden Temple this is the largest Bronze temple in China and it is absolutely stunning. You are able to witness a traditional dance battle performance and then dress in the traditional attire yourself in order to take photographs. You can always make a request to the hotels, Kunming tour guides or even the travel planners to arrange an itinerary for you so that you don't miss out on the performances and other main activities.


Helicopter ride over Kunming

The helicopter ride over Kunming at the Haigeng Park is one of the most exciting experiences in Kunming. You get to have a bird's eye view of the entire city and enjoy the stunning scenery from above. With Kunming being a city that is beautifully created with water and greenery this is an experience to savour for the lifetime.


Hike to the Snow Mountain

The snow mountain which is Jiaozi is known to have snow at its peak all year-round. It is a three-hour drive towards the North of Kunming and even though you don't make it to the top, the journey itself is absolutely amazing. The breeze, the view combined with the fresh air is something to cherish.


Dian Lake

After witnessing all the lush greenery the Dian Lake gives a stunning view of the waterfronts in Kunming. There are areas for swimming, boating and you can see birds and fish dancing in nature.

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