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IT Software Support - Guest Blogs

Here is the link to get the complete set of applications of the Microsoft Office Setup , Norton Setup and McAfee Activate Antivirus for your PC and Mac. You will receive the step by step complete setup for the installation process of the Application.

Step by Step Guide for Cleaning Windows 10 – Technology Source

It is ideal to clean junk from your Windows 10 system from time to time for better and smooth performance. Several users still haven’t learned how to clean the system properly. Windows installation often builds junk and cache that requires space. Excessive junk results in wasting of resources and crashing of the system and needs…
Step by Step Guide for Cleaning Windows 10

How to Create a Shortcut to a Website on Your Desktop? – Technology Source

Do you want to be able to access certain websites quickly? Rather than opening a web browser first, you can just add its shortcut. In this blog, we will check out the methods of creating a shortcut to a website on the desktop. On Internet Explorer or Firefox If you want to create a shortcut…

How to Create a Shortcut to a Website on Your Desktop?

How to Cast Media from Chromebook to a TV with Chromecast – Technology Source

With Chromecast you can stream media from your Chromebook to any television that supports HDMI input. All you need to do is connect Chromecast to your TV, once you complete this within five minutes you'll see your Chromebook screen on your TV screen. Here is how to everything with steps, just go with the given…

How to Clear Your Alexa History and Delete Recordings – Technology Source

Amazon Echo and Alexa record and save hundreds of requests regularly. It is very secure and safe to use Amazon Alexa to save your history and recording. But if your storage is filling up, then you can choose to clear your Alexa history and delete recordings by following the steps listed below. Steps to Clear…

How to Automatically Give Roles in Discord – Technology Source

Discord Bots have many features like Server announcements, automated Google searches, Music, and other things which the basic Discord does not provide. The other things which are not offered by Discord are auto-assign roles.  If you want to give roles in Discord automatically, then follow the steps listed below. Here’s How to Automatically Give Roles…

How to Create and Set a Video as Wallpaper in Android and iOS – Technology Source

Want to set your favorite video clip as wallpaper in your phone? Live wallpaper is the only way to get this done. It is one of the great features that exist on Android devices. It really makes your device’s screen looks incredible and gives a great feel too. Some Android devices come with a number…

How to Edit and Change your Xbox Live Profile or Gamerpic – Technology Source

The picture next to your Gamertag is your Xbox Live profile image or gamerpic. This gamerpic displays in many games that you play on Xbox. Many of you might be bored from that same picture and want to use a new photo or your own. Just like on your Facebook and Instagram account, you’re allowed…

How to Download/Save Videos from Facebook on Any Device – Technology Source

Facebook is one of the largest social media sites and it has recently emerged as the biggest video sites. Facebook is strongly competing with YouTube and is also being used for advertisement more than before. Yet there’s a lot of difference in YouTube and Facebook. Facebook has features for uploading and sharing videos, but there…

How to Fix Game Freezes or Not Responding Issue in Windows 10 PC – Technology Source

After PlayStation and Xbox, Windows PC is the most used platform for playing games. Even developers and many game publishing companies published the games for these three platforms. Installing and playing games on PCs are also more straightforward than any other platforms. Where Microsoft’s Windows 10 is a powerful and fast operating system, you can…

Dawn of Isles: 6 Best Tips and Tricks for Beginners – Technology Source

Dawn of Isles is a fairly new game. The best thing about the game is its graphics. You get to build your own uncharted island and take part in combat. When you start playing the game, you will go through a quick tutorial. If you want to know how to master this game, then check…

How to Swap Columns in Excel -

In case you are not a regular user
of the Microsoft Excel tables, then you need to rearrange the columns every
time. If you want to know the steps to swap columns in Microsoft Excel, then go
through this article to complete this procedure.

How to Create a Kid-Friendly Profile on Hulu -

Hulu app is a
library of several
movies and TV shows, but some of the content
is not for kids. In case you have children, then this
will be a good idea to create a child-friendly profile. Hulu stops the kids from watching anything which is not
suitable for them. In case you wish to know how to create a kid-friendly
profile on Hulu, then go through the steps listed below.

5 Best Stress-Relieving Games of 2019 – Technology Source

According to a study, eight out of ten employees are stressed during daily work. Half of the workers admit that they needed something to reduce stress. Playing games can divert your mind from stress and anxiety. Even if for a short while, playing games daily can add a bit of happiness and relaxation in your…

How To Download Videos From Twitter – Technology Source

Many people know that downloading videos from YouTube is pretty straightforward, but do you know how to download videos from Twitter? Whichever device you are using, we have a solution for every device user. It is pretty much easy to download videos from Twitter too. You require the right tool to do that. There can…

5 Best Gmail Features to Increase Your Productivity –

Gmail is the go-to email service for most people. If you
handle all your work and personal emails on Gmail, then it might get hectic at
times. Thankfully, Gmail is loaded with amazing features that help you enhance
your productivity. Since you may not be aware of all of these features, here’s
a list of the best Gmail tips and tricks to bolster productivity.

How to Fix Internet Explorer Won’t Open Issue – Technology Source

Most of the times you will not face any issue with Internet Explorer, but sometimes the Internet Explorer won’t open even after trying so many times. There are many reasons behind this, but it can be easily fixed. Let’s see how. Here’s How to Fix Internet Explorer Won’t Open •    Common Fixes When Internet Explorer Not…

iOS 13 Beta 2 Brings New Hidden Features – Technology Source

The new gen iOS 13 is gearing up for release, and the betas have already started to roll out. Apple rolled out iOS 13 public beta 2 a few days ago, and Apple’s developer’s program members got early access to the iOS version in June this year. The final version is speculated to release in…

5 Tips and Tricks to Excel at Diner Dash Adventures -

Diner Dash Adventures is available in the app store. This
exciting game comes with a great storyline, captivating features, and stunning
graphics. DinerTown is in huge trouble, and you need to restore it to its
glory. Here are some tips and tricks to help you complete the levels of Diner
Dash Adventures.

Touch The Wall: 5 Tips and Tricks to Sneak your Way to Victory -

Want to play a simple game that reminds you of your
childhood? Touch The Wall is a simple yet stunning mobile game. In this game,
your character needs to run to the wall without being hit by the red light and
obstacles. Moreover, this race involves four others. Read this article and find
out the best tips and tricks to win the race in Touch The Wall. | Install and Activate Norton Nu16 Download, install and activate the Norton Utilities 16. Log in at and type the product key for activation.

Google Tests Out a New Social Media App Named Shoelace – Technology Source

Yes, it is true that Google has never made a successful social network, but you can give Google some credit for never holding back. We all know about the shutdown of Google+, Orkut, and  Google Buzz, but Google is again planning to launch a new social network, “Shoelace.” Testing out of Shoelace is in the…

Facebook Users Can Now Opt-Out of Targeted Ads – Technology Source

Do you know that now you can break free from Facebook targeted ads? Yes, from now on, you can easily opt-out from a targeted ad, and you can even see why this ad was shown to you in the first place. Facebook has made some tweaks in its “Why Am I Seeing This Ad?” section…

4 Things You Can Expect From Sacred Games Season 2 – Technology Source

Finally, the second series of Sacred Games – a Netflix original, is slated to release on 15th August 2019. In the previous season, we witnessed that an inspector receives a call from a Mumbai crime lord who tells him that he has to save the city in twenty-five days. After a lot of thrill, drama,…

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How to Create a New Administrator Account on macOS – Technology Source

The operating system will install only a single admin account as default. But most of the times, your family or friends need a different admin account while using the same computer. So, you have to create a new administrator account on macOS by following the instructions given below. Here’s How to Create a New Administrator…

How to Change Your Pinterest Board Covers – Technology Source

Pinterest offers you a great feature which helps the users to change the board covers. It is a handy feature for business people to promote and provide services by using their Pinterest account. If you want to change your Pinterest board covers, then go through the instructions mentioned below. Steps to Change Your Pinterest Board…