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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 27, 2019
Headline for 5 tempting dishes to try in the Maldives – The Top Maldivian dishes you must try out
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5 tempting dishes to try in the Maldives – The Top Maldivian dishes you must try out

The Maldivian flavour palette is full of mouth-watering dishes that have a strong aroma which makes them perfect to be enjoyed with a glass of wine. Here are 5 of the best Maldivian dishes to try out.


Bis keemiya

Try and Imagine what a fusion between a samos and spring roll would taste like, that's somewhat what a bis keemiya would taste like but not quite. This dish is made by stuffing shredded cabbage, sliced onions, hard-boiled eggs which have all been gently sautéed in to a flaky and light pastry. The mix of the ingredients gives this dish a nice and chewy taste. The dish is so easy to prepare you can even google how to prepare the dish and try it yourself back home. Since it is so easy to prepare it would make the perfect party snack.


Boshi mashuni

Also known as banana flower salad, Boshi mashuni looks and tastes like a mix between salsa and a salad. The dish is prepared using shredded and crunch banana flowers, spices and fresh coconut, zingy lime, turmeric, Maldivian chilli, cumin and spices with curry leaves added to provide a savoury taste. Not only is the dish aesthetically pleasing to eat it is also quite healthy. As Maldivian chilli isn't easy to find you can add normal chilli instead if you want to try preparing the dish by yourself.



Fragrant fish soup or Garudhiya is a fish-based dish that you'll enjoy if you've tried either dashi or miso. It is a traditional Maldivian dish that has become one of the countries staple dishes which is enjoyed by the locals in the country. Cubes of tuna fish; the dish's main ingredient that provides this soupy dish its umami flavour is cooked in water with onions, chilli, garlic and curry leaves. This dish is seasoned using a spritz of fresh lime juice, crunchy fried onions and is normally served with a dish of rice. The dish can be found at most of Maldives restaurants, hotels and resorts similar to The Residence Maldives by Cenizaro. The ingredients used to cook this dish can be found easily and it can be cooked both during the winter to warm the body up and also during the summer to add flavour to your food.


Saagu bondibai

Can you recall the last time you had sago? Same, neither can I. But in countries similar to the Maldives where they love their starchy food, sago is a major part of people's diets. Taking one bite of saagu bondibai which is made using sago and also known as sago pudding will make you realized why it's such a popular dish among the people in the Maldives. It is cooked using cardamom, coconut milk, rose and lots of condensed milk.


Huni roshi

Similar to the pol roti which is served a with spicy onion sambal that is found in Sri Lanka, Huni roshi is the Maldivian rendition of coconut bread. The flatbread of Huni roshi is mixed with coconut and fried till it crisps on the outside to give it a chewy and soft flavour. The addition of coconut gives this dish gives its unique texture and scrumptious taste. Similar to Bis keemiya this is another dish you can prepare easily and will act as a nice party snack.

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