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Things to do in Passikudah – Activities that will give you the best of what's on offer

The place was affected by the tsunami in 2004, but it's had no effect on the popularity of Passikudah. It hasn't returned to its pre-tsunami splendour, but you still can enjoy many fun activities.


Whale watching

Whale watching in Sri Lanka has been catching the eye of tourists for quite a while now. When it comes to the fascinating venture, Passikudah inarguably ranks high osn the list of places where you can attempt it. If your tour is aimed at this, the best time to travel would be between the months of March and August – during which time, there's a higher chance of spotting blue whales and sperm whales, not to mention dolphins, especially spinner dolphins.


Visit Minneriya National Park

While on tour to Passikudah, why not pay a visit to the magnificent Minneriya National Park to experience wildlife in Sri Lanka? The spectrum of wildlife that you will be greeted by ranges from elephants to leopards to various bird species.


Water sports

You could easily check into one of the hotels in Sri Lanka – the likes of Aitken Spence Hotels would be a good idea – where everything will be arranged for you to enjoy water sports. The most sought-after aquatic sports are snorkelling, water-skiing, sailing, canoeing, deep sea fishing and windsurfing. The prices depend and differ on how long your preferred activity go on for.


Batticaloa Lagoon

The lagoon makes up of several islands which are connected by bridges. The biggest bridge is Lady Manning found at Kallady – the reason why the distinction is worth mentioning comes down to something musical. If you visit Kallady during April and September, you can hear the famous singing fish sing!


Passikudah Bay

It would be quite hilarious if one forgets to visit Passikudah Bay while on tour to Passikudah. The coral reef system that outlines the outer bay is what makes your time at the bay all worthwhile.


Visit the historical sites in Anuradhapura

The 2500 years old heritage site forms the cultural triangle along with several other UNESCO heritage sites. A trip to Passikudah is interesting enough – but it'll be even more so if you make it a point to admire these imperial relic sites – which incidentally hark back to a time when the city was flowing with prosperity.


Sigiriya Fortress

If you've got a taste for cultural sites in Sri Lanka after visiting Anuradhapura, your next stop should be Sigiriya Rock Fortress. According to John Still's theory in 1907, the whole facade of the rock is one big painting – if his suggestion proves to be accurate, it means that it is the biggest picture in the entire world. Also, the construction of the fortress is well thought out and was a result of King Kasyapa's imagination. There's one significant detail about the fortress many don't seem to be aware of – the rock fortress was the hideaway for King Kasyapa after he murdered his own father for power. The reason behind it is quite ghoulish even though something magnificent and awe-inspiring came out of it.